Celebrating Canada’s 150th

Canada’s big birthday is this weekend.  When you think of Canada, what do you think of??  Maple syrup, poutine, Tim Hortons, Smarties….what about “Sorry”, eh??  Ok, that was bad, I know!  I thought it would be fun to come up with a few ideas to celebrate Canada’s 150th using some typical Canadian things with a few twists.

Of course I had to make something with coffee…and these maple cardamom iced lattes are quick and easy to make.  You may want to adjust the level of sweetness…I used about half of the maple syrup.

I don’t know if s’mores are Canadian, but I found some things to make Canadianized versions.  The first combo involves chocolate covered digestive cookies or these, maple marshmallows and, if you are brave, a sprinkling of real bacon bits.  Honestly, they are SOOO good!  I love a sweety and salty combo  These marshmallows are not overly sweet and you achieve roasting perfection with their shape!   The second combo uses maple cookies, regular marshmallows and chocolate.

I put out kettle corn in a bucket with red and white checkered patio serving cups.  And the kids mixed in Canadian M&M’s.

Laurel made a very tasty apple cider cocktail that she will post on the blog on Thursday, just in time to get the ingredients for your Canada Day barbeque.

Canada, on a world scale you are still young!!  Thank-you for being a beautiful and free place to live, raise our families, and pursue our dreams!  We celebrate you!


Large Napkins – Walmart

Small Napkins, Small Flags, Candle, Checkered Patio Serving Cups – Real Canadian Superstore/Loblaws

Galvanized Bucket, Heavy Duty Bamboo Skewers – Dollarama