SPS Tutorial – Croissants Part 2


Here we go!  As mentioned in our post on Sunday (click here), Prudence Lau shows us step by step how to make  delicious, flaky croissants!

Here are few thoughts from Prudence before you get started….

These croissants were absolutely decadent, and to ‘die for’. I know one thing for sure, we will not be buying any croissants from a store ever again. Be sure to use cultured, unsalted butter and NOT churned butter, which makes the croissants too heavy in butter flavor (churned is better for cakes and cookies).  Cultured, unsalted butter makes the croissants tender, flaky, and crunchy with the perfect buttery flavor.

Remember you must work quickly when handling the double turned dough being sure it is cold! cold! cold!, and do not over work it. The best thing about this recipe is that you can make the croissants within a day or two.  Most other croissants recipes take about 3-5 days to make – most of it is letting the dough sit for longer periods of time in the fridge and numerous double turns….honestly, in my own opinion, it’s not worth it. You’ll eat up the croissant in 40 seconds, after 3-5 days of work?!  Plus if you over double turn, creating more than 1500 layers to your croissants, the recipe will flop!  For more distinct layers, better flake, and by the way, less work, just do the precise number of turn indicated in the recipe. Trevor thinks that the more double turns, the more layers the croissant will have. But sometimes more is not merrier!  It actually flattens the croissants!  It all depends on how long you leave the dough in the fridge after the double turns. I usually leave mine in the fridge overnight. The next morning, I roll out the croissants, shape them, let them rise for 2 hours, and bake them. They are a delight to have for breakfast or brunch. In France, they are the essence of the French breakfast.

Please comment here if you get brave enough (you can do it!) and you try out this tutorial and let us know how your croissants turn out!