8 life hacks

A friend of mine shared a little tip with me on a walk earlier this week and it got me to thinking…what are some life hacks that we can share with each other? Things that can enrich our lives, make our lives more simple, more efficient…little tricks of the trade that make a difference whether big of small.

In that vein, I’ve asked a number of my friends what their life “hacks” are and it sparked some good conversation AND gave me a slew of new things to incorporate into my life! The beauty of community, right? We can help each other!


I’ll start with the one that got this whole conversation going:

  1. Always carry a thank you card in your purse. Brilliant. Be ready to acknowledge someone at the drop of a hat. I also love that it keeps the art of written notes alive (it’s a dying thing, wouldn’t you agree?) It made me think that keeping a gift card along with the thank you could be a great idea… such as a Starbucks one…be ready, friends!
  2. Wash your sneakers in your washing machine. Lexi reminded me that not everyone knows you can do this. Guys, it’s the BEST way to keep your white sneakers…white!
  3. The best substitute for dry shampoo is baby powder. Less expensive and works even better. Pam’s favourite is this one.
  4. Put a slice of apple in your hardened brown sugar. I’ve always kept a ceramic teddy bear or bread heel in my brown sugar container but I came across a bag of brown sugar that was hard (like brick hard) and wanted to experiment. Thank you google! A slice of apple in there for 24 hours and my mind was blown. For real. Soft, free flowing sugar!
  5. Wash your blender by adding dish soap and water into the container and running it. I thought the world knew this…I’m told otherwise. Skip the dishwasher or hand washing, this is the easiest and quickest way.
  6. Pound cake. Pam swears by this staple. Needing to make a quick dessert? This recipe is so good…guests think you’re gourmet..and you’ve literally just had Walmart save the day lol! Take simplifying a step further by serving the toasted pound cake with sliced strawberries and whipped cream. So good…I promise! Best dessert hack. Pound cake.
  7. Re-pack your toiletry bag when you get home from a trip so that it’s ready to go the next time. It makes the packing situation so much more efficient plus you’re ready for last minute trips!
  8. Cut a lemon and use it clean water spots off of chrome…then throw it into the garburator to clean it.

Hope one of two of these ideas might be right up your alley! Do you have a life hack that I can get excited about? Share it with me, ok?

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend! Thanks so much for reading. Laurel xo

PS these photos were taken by the incredibly talented Kat of Art + The Aerialist. x