5 ways to say hello to Spring

Anyone else do a happy dance on March 20th? Ever year I feel something akin to “We made it guys!!!”.  I looove when the trees start blooming, the birds start chirping and the evenings get longer. Sounds so cheesy, I know…but it’s a real awakening.

Being away for Spring Break has truly triggered a mental switch from winter. I guess desert weather will do that:) But also the downtime has allowed me to get out, enjoy the weather and plan for what’s ahead once I get home.  I’ve come up with 5 ways I’m welcoming spring in and hope it’ll inspire you to do the same:

  1.  Move. However you like to move, do it! I’ve figured out I’m a social mover (ha!) so I schedule it with friends to make sure it happens. Barre, yoga, pilates, walks…I just enjoy doing these things with others. I’m challenging myself to get outside more too. I tend to be pretty fair weather…but I might need to suck it up…getting outside in nature is so cathartic. And I’ve got two big pups who are also huge motivation to get walking;)
  2. Get cooking. Choose a cookbook and use it! A good friend makes this a practice and shared one of her cookbook reviews with us which I found so helpful. I’m challenging myself to do just this: Cook my way through a cookbook….get to know more than just the pretty photos..keep notes/tweaks/what I liked/what I don’t like recorded right there in the cookbook. So that I can pass them down to my girls at some point. I’d also like to find a book that features seasonal recipes so I can make an effort to cook with ingredients that are in their “prime”!
  3. Sink into a good book. Reading is sometimes left as an indulgence for vacation time…people often say they have no time for it. I’d be more tempted to blame instagram, Facebook, twitter etc. (just saying!). I like the idea of paring back time spent on my phone (especially in the evening) and settling into bed with a good book. More reading. Less phone. I’ve been reading this last two weeks voraciously…and while I don’t want to be anti social I love the feeling when you can’t wait to get back to your book!
  4. Plant something. You don’t have to have a green thumb to be able to reap the rewards of watching something grow.  Last year, I planted some greens/lettuce and I gotta tell you…salads took on new meaning (there’s no comparison to fresh outta the garden)! It was awesome.  Plant something and watch it grow. You will feel a serious level of satisfaction with the result.
  5. Pare back.  Anyone else feel like they just have too much stuff? I have a strong desire to just stop collecting and start reducing.  There really is only so much that a person can use/wear. And the rest is just unnecessary…it actually just becomes a “mind clutter”… you know the feeling? When our basement flooded in January I was initially panicked at the destruction.  After that initial shock, I was almost relieved that something had transpired to help us re-evaluate our “stuff”.  We were storing way too much and I’m not suresh.  I’m systematically working my way through each room now…and it’s like free therapy. It feels great.

I’m excited to incorporate these 5 things into life once I’m home. Nothing earth shattering but then again I think that’s ok. Sometimes simple makes a big impact…without being overwhelming.  Here’s to spring! Do you have any spring rituals? We’d love to hear them. Thanks so much for reading everyone!

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter weekend. Laurel xo


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