5 Ways to Get Your Summer On


It’s coming…well, the calendar might say it’s still Spring but the thermometer begs to differ. Summer weather has started…and it got me to thinkin…how do i welcome it? Here are 5 ways we say HELLO to my favorite months of the year:

1. Download a summer play list. Pick your favorite songs to create a set that will have your head boppin’ and your hips shakin’. Scott calls it his “mowing the lawn” beats. These tunes pretty much set the tone for a summer’s worth of outdoor bbq’s, backyard volleyball tournaments and windows down cruising. We are a music family..not saying we can sing, but the tunes are always on…especially when we are chilling outside. Here are some predictions of this summer’s anthem.

2. Pam has been a big proponent of the summer bucket list for years …our family is hopping on board this year (i really don’t know why we haven’t done it sooner!) and filling ours out this week. My hope is to cross off each and every summer wish on our lists. Carpe diem!

3. Get a pedicure. Friends…it’s time. Let’s get those tootsies cleaned up. The next few months we’re going be hard on them. Barefoot or flipflops, beaches or grass…all of these are so enjoyable but they can wreak havoc resulting in dry/cracked heels, nail chips and all around unsightly feet. It’s worth it to start off the summer with healthy happy feet.

4. Stack up on good reads. I love to have a handful of books at the ready. If there’s downtime, you will often find me on my patio with an iced coffee/tea and a book. Utter relaxation. Ones i’m looking forward to reading are: The Goldfinch , Night Film and A Train in Winter. Be ready to put aside your phone in exchange for a great book.

5. Prepare for the sun! I live for these months, but i’ll be honest and say that until recently my sun protection plan was..well…non-existent.  A couple easy things can make a big difference. Check the expiration dates on your sunscreens. If you’re like me you often keep a stash of sunscreen bottles for way too long. First problem is that means you’re probably not using it enough. And second more important problem is that sunscreen does have a shelf life. After 3 years, the active ingredient that protects your skin becomes inactive (ahem..useless). Have new sunscreens ready to go. Next, find a hat that gives you good coverage. A big floppy hat provides some shade for your skin..and it will love you!  i also incorporate a small amount of sunscreen into my moisturizer to get protection daily. I can’t undo the damage from my teen years but i can make changes from here on in.



Summer is just my favorite time of the year…and even better when i’m ready to enjoy it to the utmost! How do you prep for the warmer and slightly more carefree months?  xo