Sweet Start ~ Summer Bucket List 2014

summer bucket list 2014 - 2

Printable courtesy of DesignerBlogs.com


It’s that time of year….time to make the summer bucket lists!  Last year (see here) I talked about how I get each person in our family to come up with a list of 3 or 4 things that they would like to do over the summer.  If we aren’t intentional about it, the summer just seems to slip away and we don’t take the time to make some of these things happen.  Some items are individual, some involve friends and some are family activities.

This printable comes in two formats…8 x 10 and 12 x 18.  I LOVE the idea of framing the larger one behind glass and using a dry erase marker to make a collective family list like this and then marking things off.



I would look amazing to frame it in white for a crisp look or a white-washed wood to look beachy!


We seems to have a few standards that always make it on the bucket list….

  • drive in movie
  • hike the Abbotsford Grind (that’s a tradition for Mac and me)
  • spend the day as a family in Vancouver


And this year some new ones have come up….

  • Vancouver Food Cart Fest (yes, that’s mine!)
  • host a brunch on our patio
  • family water fight
  • a massive Twister game


One of the things that I’m most looking forward to doing is taking Dylan away for the night to celebrate her rite of passage into the teenage years!  Berkeley and I did this two years ago and we had so much fun and made awesome memories. Dylan has chosen to go to Seattle…can you say shopping??  and great food???  And the best will be one-on-one mother-daughter time.


What’s on your summer bucket list?