Summer Bucket List!


A backyard camp out is always on at least one of our kids’ summer bucket lists!  A pancake breakfast usually follows!


Summer is almost here!!!  Berks and Dyl have two more days of school and Mac has five….hey, but who’s counting?!?!  A friend of mine told me a few years ago that she and her husband have their kids make a list of things that they want to do in the summer….not necessarily big things, but little things too!!  Jason and I LOVED the idea, so for the past few years, we have had each of the kids write down 3-5 things that they’d like to do and we try to make it happen!  Past lists have included…

  • going for a hike
  • riding bikes to get slushies (Jason LOVES this one!)
  • going to the drive-in movie
  • camping in the backyard (again, Jason’s on for this one!)
  • going to the waterslides
  • a trip to the old fashioned candy store
  • pedicures (for the girls, that is)

Sometimes we are scrambling at the end of summer to get the lists accomplished, but it does cause you to do some special and memorable things that don’t break the bank!!  Some of our kids’ best memories are some of the small things that we’ve done…like Mac and I hiking Teapot hill at Cultus Lake last summer, just the two of us!


Mac hike

Mac and I had a lot of fun spotting and counting the teapots along the hike!


A lot of blogs have prewritten summer bucket lists, but I like the idea of the kids coming up with what they would like to do and I don’t want the pressure of trying to accomplish 30 different things….let’s keep this manageable and enjoyable!

Here’s an awesome printable that you can give your kids to fill out (but maybe just have them fill out about 5 things!)…


Summer bucket list

Printable from Ugly Lemonerd (click here)


I’ve also come across summer bucket lists for couples….I like the idea…Jason and I have been trying to make more of an effort to go on dates as we seem to be taxi drivers rarely crossing paths!!!  Here are some fun ideas…

  • have gourmet s’mores by a fire (with The Pink Spatula marshmallows no less!)
  • stay at the hotel you were married at
  • cook a dinner together just for the two of you
  • go to a summer festival or night market (Richmond’s International Summer Night Market is rated as one of the top in the world)
  • try paddle boarding
  • go out for a relaxing brunch
  • pick up fresh produce at your local farmers’ market

Again, pick three or four things and make sure they happen!

You can also make a bucket list for yourself!!!  This is a great way to make sure that you don’t miss out things that might be happening during summer locally!!

Here are a few things on my personal bucket list this summer….

  • try a cronut (ok, I’m obsessed…I’ve heard too much about them!!)
  • spend a day exploring the Mt. Pleasant area of Vancouver
  • brunch at Cafe Medina in Crosstown, Vancouver
  • ride my sa-weet beach cruiser with the awesome basket on the front (not sure what I’m going to pick up though!)

What’s on your Summer 2013 Bucket List??


  • I think you should borrow Laurel’s dog to put in your bike basket!

    • Pam

      That would be quite the scene wouldn’t it Darcie!

  • Andrea

    I love this idea! Love the couples ideas. How about Bard on the Beach! Used to go every summer b4 kids! ❤❤

    • Pam

      Andrea I LOVE the idea of Bard on the Beach. I’ve never gone but I’m adding that to my list!

  • Sherri

    We have the kids make lists every year, but never thought of making one myself! A list that doesn’t consist of chores, errands and tasks that need to be done….who’da thought?!?!? Love this idea.

  • Rachel

    Well, my four year old wants to ride the skytrain ALL the way to the end and back. I want to ride our bikes around Barnston Island.
    I intend to make these, among other trips, happen!

    • Pam

      Oh Rachel…I’m sure you would have lots of stories to tell after that ride!! Interesting place to people watch!

  • OK…Darcie…best idea ever! Pam, Ozzy is available this weekend for a basket date.

  • Lacey

    Paddle Boarding is so so so much fun!!!! It’s really hard if you don’t have good balance and if its windy. But highly recommend it! It’s very relaxing

    • Pam

      I agree!! I tried it in Hawaii and LOVED it! I think I need to add that to my summer bucket list!

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