Today is the Day

He is Greater than i3

I had a bar cart post all ready for today, but something much more important came up.  Today Laurel starts chemo.  In fact, she’s having treatment right now.  I realized that there hasn’t been an update since Laurel talked here about her breast cancer diagnosis on Christmas Eve.  It’s been quite the journey since her diagnosis 5 weeks ago. She has undergone a series of tests and procedures to determine the type of breast cancer she has and the best way to go about treating it.  The amazing thing is that all news since her initial diagnosis has all been positive.  The tumor is smaller than they initially thought.  This type of cancer responds extremely well to treatment.  They caught it very early.  She was super fortunate to get a PET scan and it’s clear.  So, apparently, if you are going to pick a cancer to have, this is it.  That’s not to say that this is in any way a walk in the park.  Although we are so grateful that Laurel is able to start chemo today…she was on a wait list…she’s concerned how her body will respond.  It’s an unknown.

I want to thank-you for the overwhelming support that Laurel and our family has felt.  The texts, emails, words of encouragement, flowers and treats have been amazing…and come at just the right time.  And what we are most thankful for is the army of people praying on Laurel’s behalf!  We have all felt it!  And I have to say that God has really shown that He has got this and He has a specific plan. Laurel’s first thought was to have surgery immediately, but the plan for treatment changed after she sought out a second opinion with a surgeon in Surrey and an oncologist in Vancouver.  Both doctors came very highly recommended and are extremely difficult to get into.  Interestingly, we had social and work connections to them….God made a way.  The collective decision was to have treatment first and then surgery.  She was told yesterday morning that she would NOT have chemo on Friday…and then a call came in a few hours later that she was scheduled for Friday at 1:15pm.  God has this!

He is Greater than i2

My brother and sis-in-law bought our whole family, all 17 of us, t-shirts when they were in Hawaii to wear in support of Laurel, especially on treatment days.  The tees are by He is Greater than I, or HE>i…and we have been shown over and over in the last 5 weeks that this is true.  God has provided answers, direction, meetings and information that are more than just coincidence.  Of course, let’s be real, there has been concern, lots of tears and worry.  But God has also provided His peace and Laurel has been living life…with joy!

I would love if you would continue to pray along with us for Laurel to be restored to full health and that the road to recovery would be smooth!  Thank-you again for your love, concern and encouragement!  We have the best supporters ever!

He is Greater than i1

We’ve been referring to cancer as a dragon and our tag line over the last few weeks has been,”Let’s slay this dragon!”  So, Laurel, today it starts…it’s go time!  And you have an army behind you!