Sweet Start – Soaking in the Last Week of Summer!

berks ice cream


It’s the last week of summer….ok, please don’t shoot me!  I’ve said it before…I’m a summer girl, through and through. I’m not one of those that looks forward to pulling the boots and scarves out of the closet.  When I say it’s the last week of summer, I have that weird feeling in my gut…you know that feeling you got as a kid the night before school started again? Or you know how you just can’t relax on the last day of a vacation?   It’s an unsettling feeling.  Schedules for next year have been occupying most of my think time lately.  I know in my brain that things always work out, so why should I waste the last week of summer fretting!  Really, it’s a whole week….that’s as long as most vacations!

So, how can I purposefully enjoy these last few days of summer?

This weekend, Dylan had dance rehearsal in Vancouver so we made a family day of it and hit some of the places that have been on my Vancouver list.  Yes, I have a list.  Whenever I hear of a recommend from a friend, something catches my eye on Instagram or a blogger that I trust recommends something, I add to to my Vancouver list in my iPhone notes.

Laurel has talked about Earnest Ice Cream..check it out here…so it was definitely on my summer list.  Earnest Ice Cream is all about using local, sustainable ingredients and being a zero waste company…I LOVE that!  When we arrived at their Fraser Street shop, the line up was out the door and down the street….we were almost deterred, but we stayed and waited 45 minutes and I’m SERIOUSLY glad we did!  Their ice cream is second to none…the best I’ve had this summer for sure! And….they had peanut butter with large chunks of milk chocolate…heaven!!!  Berks loved the London Fog and Jason’s fave was the malt flavor. They can back it up when they say their ice cream is SERIOUSLY GOOD!!


peanut butter and choc ice cream


We took a walk down Hornby Street….I had no idea there was such a beautiful treed street in the heart of the city.


Hornby Street


After rehearsal, we had a late dinner in the West End at Pizza Fabrika.  There’s been a lot of buzz on Instagram about it being the best pizza in the city.  It s a small space with an industrial feel and the smell is amazing as you walk in!  I had the pizza special…lamb sausage, roasted peppers, basil and goat cheese.  Berks had the Flammkuchen…bacon, crispy pork crackling, creme fraiche and carmelized onions.  Those were ridiculously good pizzas…I highly recommend!


pizza fabrika


I’m hoping to knock off a few more items off our summer bucket lists this week.  Oh, and a few more nights of s’mores by the fire on our deck….

How are you planning on spending enjoying the last few days of summer?