Almond Milk Latte



While we were away in Phoenix, Laurel and I were on the hunt for good coffee outside the regular established chains.  We found Press Coffee in Scottsdale Quarter.  It was about a 25 minute walk from where were were staying so it was the perfect motivation to get up and moving in the morning….will walk for coffee!  We had one of the best Americanos there….smooth and no bitterness at all!  We had heard someone order an almond milk latte…that intrigued me as we have both pretty much been “off” of lattes for a year and a half, but I recalled that almond milk is very low in calories.  I have to admit, I still crave lattes now and then so I needed to check this out!




Here’s the scoop…

One cup of Silk True Almond Unsweetened Almond Milk has 30 calories, 2.5g of fat, 1g of carbs.  An added bonus is that 1 cup accounts for 30% of your daily calcium requirements!!!   Compare one cup of skim milk at 90 calories.

So, Lo and I tried an almond milk latte on our next walk and we both LOVED it.  It’s very creamy and has a nice smooth flavor!  And a 12 once latte is only 45 calories!!  We talked to the barista and she warned us that you can burn almond milk when you are steaming it….don’t heat it up past 160 degrees.  It steams up nicely with some good foam going on….next up to try is making a cappuccino for Jason!


steamed almond milk


Make sure you are using the unsweetened almond milk….the flavored varieties, even the Original flavor, are full of sugar!




I made Lo’s Chocolatey Chickpea Bites…I’m going to admit that my expectations were not very high…but they are seriously delicious!!!  Sitting down around 8 o’clock with a few of these and an almond latte is a healthy and satisfying snack that I look forward to!

Here’s to welcoming back lattes into my life!