Sweet Start ~ Enhance Instead of Mask!

20131103-084614.jpgthe Sparkle…you can click here if you missed it.  The biggest thing I took away is that the most common mistake women make with makeup is that they use it to try to fix their flaws instead of enhance their positive features.   I want to take it even another step further and apply that to not only make up, but clothes and accessories as well.  This week I want to enhance instead of mask.  So, I’m going to have to stop and really think about what I’m going to enhance because let’s be honest I do obsess over my flaws.   But it will be so much more freeing if  I focus on my positive attributes instead of wasting so much time and energy worrying about my not-so-great features….I’m preaching to myself here big time!!!

So, here are some things I’m not loving about myself…

  • dry hair
  • wrinkles
  • thighs
  • stretch marks

Ok, I got that off my chest!  But…here’s what I’m going to play up…

  • my eyes
  • my arms
  • my waist
  • my fingernails

Kind of weird that when I wrote this before editing I included “my” before each of the positive things…maybe that’s a step in the right direction…I’m owning them!  That was putting myself out there!  But maybe you should make a list too and then go to town playing up the positives!

Who’s with me? What at you going to play up and enhance this week?

Speaking of enhancing….our event with Shoppers Beauty Boutique and Stila Cosmetics is going to be all about playing up your positive features. I can’t wait to see Stila’s holiday eye palettes! You can you tickets here.