Friday Find- Truffle Pouches


It’s confession time…what does the inside of your handbag look like? Organized? Orderly? Or shall I ask about what we call “retrieval times”? How long does it take for you to find your phone? Keys? Pen? Let me make you feel better…my retrieval times suck. In fact scott has had to call my cell number more than a handful of times with me standing right beside him because I have been positive that my handbag has disposed of my phone. My purse insides are an abyss of items I “may” need…a scarf,  notebook, gum ,protein bar, almonds and my arsenal of lip applications: balm, stick, chapstick, gloss… You never know!!!

Truffle to the rescue! Seriously, these are on my Christmas list… Truffle is the ultimate in organizing your handbag/gym bag/backpack… Kinda a step in the right direction for organizing my life! I’m envisioning pouches in varying sizes to : 1. Have items at the tip of my fingers 2. Make changing purses a breeze 3. Simplifying travel

I love the different options in sizes…pouches to carry your iPad or tablet, paperwork,lLipsticks, little fussies like bobby pins and hair elastics. Can you say perfect for travel, the gym and everyday purse digging? Know how your liquids have to be in a clear bag when clearing security? Check!




Visit Truffle’s site to pick your pouch.. That’s kinda catchy: PYP. Pick your pouch!! Perfect stocking stuffer too… i know i’d love one!