Home Office Reno

Oh friends…i cannot tell you just how happy i am that my home office reno is DONE! I’ve been moving at a snail’s pace to transform it from its former pitiful self into a room that i can feel inspired and creative in. Doing the happy dance!


I posted awhile back on all my unfinished projects in the hopes that it would light the fire that i needed to get ‘er done. It worked. Everytime i’d settle into complacency, one of you would ask where i was at. Kick!

Just to remind you, here’s what the office looked like pre-reno. Argg..don’t judge ok? It was the literal catch-all in our house. Why did i question the cluttered, unsettled feeling i had everytime i went to sit down at the computer? Duhhh.


office reno

office reno6


Terrible. On my part. How i found anything in that room mystifies me.

Dark walls, dark furniture, and odds and sods that were never used, but i didn’t know where else to house them. Project “Purge” was done in one sitting…and i’ll just say it got worse before it got better!

The next step was to rip out the old carpet, replace it with a porcelain tile floor (i love this floor…it still exudes warmth and character despite its hard surface) and paint the walls a warm white to give a blank canvas on which i could personalize.



A clean workspace with only items i need keeps things unfussy…physically, but also in my head! The desk, console and cubicle shelving (all from Haute Look) provide ample storage so everything has a home. And who says filing cabinets need to be boring? This lime green one keeps my paperwork close at hand, but out of sight.





 A little original art by Melina was a perfect fit for the little corner of colour…













One project down and two more coming to the blog shortly. I’m taking my house by storm!