Tips for Decluttering Your Home

If you missed our IG stories over the weekend, Laurel and I had a garage sale.  We have both been living in our homes for 16 years and it was time for a serious purge.  We have gone from the baby stage to adult stage with our kids in these homes, and we had accumulated a LOT of stuff!!  I have to say that I honestly feel lighter now that all the unnecessary things are out of my house and I want to keep it that way!  I really think that I’m becoming a minimalist.  I feel better and settled in uncluttered spaces!

After the garage sale on Saturday, I asked for suggestions from you on IG for ways to keep my house decluttered and I love how many of you took the time to respond with your tips and suggested websites!  Thank-you!  So, I have compiled your suggestions and have come up with a list.  Here we go!

  1.  Stop shopping!  Ok, maybe not totally, but start really thinking seriously about purchases, especially clothing.  Some suggested that if you are going to buy something, decide what you will be getting rid of.  A die-hard declutterer suggested that when you buy something, you get rid of 2 things!  I think that’s actually brilliant!  You have to really love what you are going to buy.  Don’t get caught up in the fast fashion mentality that you can buy more because it’s cheap.  Opt for high quality pieces that are timeless.  It needs to be a 10 out of 10…don’t buy just because it’s on sale.  Not only will you cut down on the stuff in your closet, you will save a ton of money!
  2. Courtney from The Refined Space says to categorize and label!  There is a home for everything, including a spot for keys in the junk door.  And how pleasing is it to walk into a pantry where everything is organized and labelled?!
  3. Purge your closet at the end of each season.  Get rid of anything that you didn’t wear.
  4. Look at your furniture.  If a piece is unnecessary or a junk collector, get rid of it.  It’s ok to have an empty corner or space!
  5. Purge your kitchen and pantry often.  These spaces get filled very quickly.  If you don’t use that kitchen gadget, get rid of it!  And really how many coffee mugs do you really need?
  6. Don’t ignore the linen closet.  Again, how many towels and sheet sets do you really need.  We all do laundry often so you probably need less than you think!
  7. Donate!  There are so many clothing and book bins around, that it’s super convenient to donate your unnecessary items.  I called Developmental Disabilities and they came and picked up the items that didn’t sell at the garage sale.  There are so many great charities that you can help but making a donation of unwanted items…purging with a purpose!
  8. When I am considering keeping or getting rid of an item, I ask myself it I would pack it and take it to a new house if I was move.  If the answer is no, it’s gone.
  9. Laurel was saying that her kids prefer trips together over gifts at Christmas.  Help others reduce clutter by giving gifts of experiences over things.
  10. Feel like you have to fill a space?  Add a plant!  I just bought a palm plant at Walmart for $15.99 to add some life to my bedroom.

This article talks about 15 minimalist hacks and this site is an awesome resource for living the decluttered life!

The pictures that I’ve included are of my bedroom, bathroom and closet, which we added on to our home about 6 years ago.  We went for a much simpler, cleaner style than the rest of our house.  I’ve been adamant about not letting clutter make their way into these rooms as it doesn’t go with the aesthetic.  These are by far my favorite rooms in our house and I just feel good in them.  So I’m thinking that maybe I am meant to be a minimalist.  We will see!