2018 Goal Digging

I am not a New Years resolution fan…any time I ever came up with a list I either failed/forgot/got disenchanted and moved on. So for many years I did nothing.  A couple of years ago, while we were eating dinner at a restaurant, Scott grabbed a kids colouring menu and jotted all of our names down. He wanted us to each list 3 goals we had for the upcoming year.

That menu came home with us and we taped it up in one of our kitchen cabinets.  It was the first time that something resonated with me. Throughout the year, we would refer back to that “menu” to see where we all were at in the pursuit of our goals. It was also the first time, where I looked back and saw some items get stroked off. Accomplished. It was really motivating! And so I now use the beginning of January as a time to reflect on what my last year looked like and to establish some goals moving forward. Some items seem within reach and a couple really require me puttin myself out there….non comfort zone stuff. It’s scary but also exciting to actually put that stuff down on paper. I’ve been amazed at how it sets things up to actually happen! Two years ago, one of my goals was to be able to share my cancer/anxiety story and testimony out loud to a group on three occasions. Two weeks later, my dad called and asked if I would be willing to do exactly that at a non-profit organization that works to set young women free of life-controlling issues! Ummm..I was so scared but also in awe of how that had worked out (thank you Lord!).

This year was full of ups and downs just like every other year, but it was also full of some wonderful adventures which I just am so darn grateful for!

This year is no different. I’ve set some goals that I confidently look forward to pursuing! Blog-wise, there are some real intentions I have for this year.

Some of you have asked what Pam and I are trying to accomplish on Sugar Plum Sisters. It’s evolved so much over time, but our one liner would be that we would love to be inspirational versus aspirational.  To explain that a bit more, we want you all to receive what we post and share as jump off points. We want our recipes, our travel tips, our entertaining shots to somehow inspire you to try new things in your own life.  We don’t want to be something that you would never be able to relate to…our hope is that you can actually practically use our suggestions or that they would inspire you to put your own twist on it! Make sense? If we are putting out content that you think “ya, in a million years”..then we’re missing the mark!

So in light of that, some of my blogging goals include:

  1. Making our content more a reflection of where we are at with our families. Ever real. In past, we have found ourselves trying to conform to what other bloggers are doing. It doesn’t work…nor does it feel natural. I want to post about food, travel, family, entertaining, fashion as it strikes me. And be ok to not post if I’m having to search for something to share. Get what I’m saying?
  2. Photography. I really want to work at getting better at it! It’s a hobby and many of my photos would reflect that I’m so not at a high level, but I do get a great deal of pleasure at working at taking a good photo. This year, I want to invest more time in practicing, watching more you tube vids, and be purposeful in improving it!
  3. Travel. The last couple of years have grown a real love and passion for travel in both Pam and I. Experiencing new places, foods, cultures is something that we really have an appetite for. This year, we want to put our best foot forward at travel blogging and putting together some city guides to make our travel recommendations easier to access.
  4. Becoming more structured with my time spent on blogging. My family will literally be shaking their heads at this because they know how much it bleeds into family time. This is an area where more boundaries/structure is needed. My goal is to get as much content done during the day while the house is empty rather than working around dinner, driving…you get the drift. I want to be more purposeful in not sitting at my computer at times when I should be talking to my hubby or kids. This one won’t be easy but I’m determined to do better.


Personally, I’ve set some goals as well. Health, family and spiritual areas. Like today! One of my health goals is to just get out there…and try one new thing a month. So, today I’m going snow shoeing! Eeks…never done it before but I’m super excited to go and give it a try! I’ll keep you posted.

Another goal is to focus more on minimalism. I’ve got a burning desire to do a huge purge…and just cut down on the clutter and extras. Kinda on the hygge train here…keeping things minimal and unfettered and yet cozy. I can feel some posts coming on about this:)

Do you set goals each year…do you have a method to how you approach them? I’d love to hear how you push yourself forward each year!