This week, I’m loving…

So…this pic kinda sums up my week. It’s been all about Chester around here. And while the puppy training is more work than I remembered, it has been a welcome reason to stick closer to home. He’s had many admirers come by to visit..lucky puppy! Scott’s been away this week and is coming home tomorrow (yay!) so I’m thinking he might be in for a shocker walking into the dog proofed house! And then again, maybe it’s Chester who’s going to be in for the shocker when the rule maker arrives. You see, I’m kinda soft. Scott..well..isn’t 🙂

Last week, my post was a heavy one…this Friday, I thought I’d give you a round up of some interesting and compelling links I came across this week. A little food for thought that you can chew on… enjoy!

  1. A little puppy 411…and umm.. I am so #1. The best part is that I know feel justified…
  2. Managing an overfull inbox. Scott literally has a fit when he sees the triple digit number sitting on my inbox icon. I laugh it off, but truthfully, it totally stresses me out. If anyone needs to learn how to deal, it’s me!
  3. Carb lovers..this might be the news you were waiting to hear! I’m sure this might spur some controversial thoughts but it’s worth the read…
  4. Planning your next trip? If you’re not maybe you should be. See where your wanderlust could take you. And if recent event have made you leery of travel, you need to read this post on why travelling is more important than ever.
  5. What’s your love language? And why exploring them can help you grow your marriage/families/relationships.
  6. Exchanging names for Christmas? Let this site do it all for you… my favourite is the Secret Santa option.
  7. What saying “No” really means. Yep, I needed this too.

Thanks so much for reading…have a great weekend! xo Laurel