5 Things

Hey everyone, it’s the beginning of Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. It’s been somewhat of a heavy week. A friend lost her battle to cancer way too early in life and it just drives home how brutal that disease is. Man, it just stinks. What has also been driven home is living a life with no regrets…she did that! She made things happen. We could all learn from that, couldn’t we? Less overthinking, and more doing. She made a real impact on those she came into contact with. I am blessed to have experienced her kindness, her spontaneity, her humour. These are the things that really matter in life.

Today’s post is a simple one…here are 5 links that I hope can be resources for you:

  1. Did you know that resiliency is a muscle? A muscle that we can build. In the darkest of times, how can we learn to be resilient ?  I especially appreciated reading what NOT to say when someone is going through some really tough times…
  2. If you follow my insta, you’ll know that our schedule for this fall is nutso over the dinner hours so I’ve been on the hunt for some hearty make ahead meals. This post gives me serious material for fall inspired soups.
  3. Self Care…I’m not a lover of that term but I can’t deny the value in it. In the years since I have struggled with anxiety, there are many things that I have found that trigger anxiety as well as things/practices that help reduce my anxiety. While I never invited anxiety into my life, I am not powerless in managing it. If this resonates, this article is worth a read.
  4. The change of season from summer to fall can be hard on our skin. I find that my legs in particular become ridiculously dry and almost scaly (it’s not very attractive!).  A couple of years ago, an aesthetician told me I needed to get myself a pair of exfoliating mitts and a great body scrub. She challenged me to do it BEFORE I noticed my skin drying, as a preventative measure. She was onto something! I’m kinda obsessed with these body scrubs: K’Pure’s SMOOTH (followed up with her Drenched Whipped Body Butter) AND Body Shop’s French Grape Seed Scrub (followed up with this body cream)
  5. I really do love pumpkin recipes. It’s the one time of year where it’s carte blanche for all things pumpkin-y. I’m thinking this pumpkin smoothie bowl looks like a perfect start to a crisp fall day. Or if you prefer to keep the base more fruity, how about a fall inspired granola to top your yoghurt or smoothie bowls?  This granola recipe looks like a must try.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving xo Laurel