Cabin Adventure

If you follow my insta, you may have seen me post this quote “Let’s wander where the wifi is weak”. That was the night before we left to do just that.  I’m a fairly city-type girl…well, to steal the tagline of Abbotsford, I’m a city in the country type girl…hahah! I guess that means that I take cell service & Starbucks for granted?

Anywho, my brother and sis in law invited us up to their cabin in the woods. It was very last minute and I can be a bit of a planner. I used to be so much better at being spontaneous (what’s the deal with finding it harder now?). But Scott, who couldn’t go, just said, “Do it. Go!”  So we packed up and hit the road. Upon arriving, the rustic charm of the log cabin, along with the secluded setting kinda enamoured me.  Such a departure from home. Cabin life is decidedly slower and more simple. Even the coffee…no coffee maker here. Instead it’s perked in a kettle over the stove. Nothing like that first pour in the morning!

Love the homage paid to Canada with cozy Hudson’s Bay blankets throughout the cabin…

A short walk to the lake across the road….to enjoy the calm and quiet waters on paddle board and kayak.

A highlight? The YOLO attitude of these girls…they all decided to jump into the lake fully clothed. It went down like this: 1. Ok, let’s all go at the same time. 2. Ok… 1-2-3 Go! (no one goes and everyone starts laughing) 3. OK …1-2-3 Go! Everyone jumps… 4. Except for one…

…but she gave in cuz she didn’t want to owe everyone the $5 hold out fee!

It was such a treat to unwind in this beautiful place. The quiet here was quiet unlike I have experienced in my memory…the darkness of night was so dark.  And I am so glad that the girls and I had the chance to go! Summer isn’t over yet, guys! There’s still time for some memory making…so this is me nudging you to do something spontaneous…something that makes you put down your phone for a bit, do a little less thinking and a lot more doing!