Letting Go

I had another post planned for today, but after this weekend I felt I needed to just put out there what I’ve been feeling lately.  So, Berkeley, our oldest daughter, did online schooling and “graduated” in February.  I say “graduated” in that it wasn’t a traditional graduation…no ceremony, no cap and gown…and she was adamant that she didn’t want a party. This weekend, I watched many of the friends that Berkeley grew up graduate with the cap and gown and prom celebrations, including Laurel’s daughter Lexi, who looked absolutely stunning!   I have to say that I spent a crazy amount of time on Instagram looking at the gorgeous gowns and sharply dressed gentleman.  Ahhh….so fun!  Graduation is a huge accomplishment and something to be celebrated even if not in the traditional way.  But more than that, graduation marks a change in MY role as a parent, and that’s really what’s been on my mind.  How do I be gracious and supportive as Berkeley enters this new phase of life?

Berkeley plans on being away for a few months in the fall for a dance and acting programme.  I’m super excited for her and at the same time, sometimes I lay awake at night feeling anxious as she will be stepping out into the world and I won’t be there to protect her.

And this weekend, Jason and I were at the wedding of our friends’ son.  This was the first of our close friends to have a child get married…now that’s the ultimate in letting go!  I feel so grateful to have Julie as a friend. Because her boys are just a little older than my kids, I have watched as she has had to let go at different stages…after graduation, when they headed to college and now marriage. Maybe that’s the key…letting go in phases.  And lots and lots of prayer!  I honestly so admired how Julie beamed with joy as she watched her son get married and the best was when she and her hubby told their son how proud they were of him.  The waterworks were in full effect for me!

As parents, it is our job to give our kids wings!  But so much easier said than done!  Help!?!   I’d love to hear what advice you may have for letting your children go and having healthy relationships with your adult kids.  This is where I’m headed and a control freak like me needs all the tips I can get!  Please post here any wisdom you may have and let’s encourage and support each other in this.

PS Thank-you so much to all of the friends and family that made Berkeley feel so special this weekend, even though it wasn’t her formal grad.  She is one super fortunate young lady!


Engagement photo of the couple by Bree Mader