Sleep Tee Flash Sale

I’m not a New Years resolution girl. The idea that the entrance of a New Year magically changes things is somewhat overrated in my humble opinion. Maybe because it feels like I’m supposed to take stock and then vow to change things in my life that I’m unhappy with, making it a bit of negative/pressure type thing. Anyone else feel that way?? On the other hand, there’s an undeniable feeling of a fresh start that January gives us. So rather than resolving to crazy things aka “work out 7 days a week and be bikini ready in a ridiculously short time frame” (been there, failed that), I like to think that it’s a time to lay out some goals that I can work toward accomplishing this calendar year.

Last year I had 3 goals that, by the way, were scrawled out onto the back of a restaurant menu, brought home and taped up in my kitchen. It’s kinda cool because those goals were met, but in different ways than I had anticipated. Another lesson for me: letting plans unfold doesn’t always mean doing it on my own terms!

One of my goals this year is simply to chill out more. I know…that sounds so vague, right? I suppose I’m stating it a bit generally, but I am working on some specific ways to bring more balance emotionally. Many of you know that I have struggled with anxiety and so I constantly am aware of when I feel like red flags are going up. Throw in some hormone shifts to that and well, sometimes I swear my kids think that Kathy Bates- Misery edition has taken the place of their mother. Eeks! I’m looking forward to working on keeping the balance more purposefully, as I feel like it’s shifted down the ladder of priorities. It’s time!

In that vein, let’s talk talk Sleep Tees…. The “All is Calm” tee could pretty much be my mantra in the coming months! Right?? Part of my goal is to be more scheduled with decompressing in the evening and crawling into bed at a human hour (this night owl is sure gonna try!). It’s the whole ritual of slowing down in the evening that many of us could really stand to get better at. So…. who’s in it with me?

Ok I’ve rambled. All this to say, we’re hosting a 2 day FLASH sale of our sleep tees. YES! Today and tomorrow you can snag your sleep tee for $40! They really are the most comfy, breathable tees ever. Constructed out of bamboo, they are moisture wicking, luxuriously soft and actually help regulate your body temperature when you’re sleeping keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

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Sale ends Sunday, January 8th at 11:59am PST

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend… you think the snow is still going to come? Regardless, I’m planning on getting some fresh flowers…need some life brought back to my house now that all the Christmas decorations have been taken down! xo Laurel