Stocking Stuffer Guide

Is it just me or have stocking stuffers morphed over the years? No longer are they gifts that actually fit in the stocking…have you found yourself wrapping huge gifts in boxes and labelling them “stocking stuffers” and placing them under the tree? I’ve done it. But I don’t really get it. A stocking stuffer able to be stuffed in the stocking…right??? I might also be a bit old school because I’m a believer that they should be more reasonably priced treats…it’s hard to stick under $10 but it’s fun to get creative without spending a fortune. This year, we’ve searched to find gifts that “she” will love that might be small in size and budget but will let you fill her stocking with thoughtfully chosen gifts…much to her delight. Oh and don’t forget, a scratcher and a mandarin orange need to find their way in there too…

1. Dry Shampoo  Hair can stay looking AND smelling fresh with this formulation. Perfect for travel $16

2. Roller ball  Keep this beachy scent close at hand for a refresh whenever its needed $30

3. Sephora face masks Perfect girls night fare… pick your treatment: brightening, toning, moisturizing and more $8

4. K’pure deodorant  or drenched Pam and I are diehard fans of this handmade and all natural body care line  $20

5. Charger Keychain  Power on the go…in complete chic form. Hang this from your purse strap and avoid those dead phone blues $26

6. Stance socks These liner socks make wearing sneaks a breeze while keeping your tootsies looking festive when the sneakers come off $14

7. Boot Rescue  A West Coast necessity…she’ll be able to keep her boots looking ship shape with these handy dandy wipes $10

8. Pineapple Candle  The symbol of hospitality, pineapples are having their moment. This little candle holder with fresh scented candle is the perfect little extra in the stocking $11

9. “Love” object  Add a little love to your home with this cursive brass moniker. At the same time support St. Jude Research Hospital’s “Thanks and Giving” Campaign with 50% of the sale proceeds $22.99

10. Luggage tag  No need to hastily scribble your info down on those flimsy luggage tags while waiting in line to check in (been there done that). Save the panic with this super cute tag $24

11. Snow Tube   All we need is snow! You’ll all be fighting for your turn to ride atop this swirly sweet tube. This one might be hard to fit in the stocking…I failed! It’s a struggle! $24.99

12. Nail polish set,  Love this eco friendly nail set..fabulous colours in a rich and health conscious formulation. $35

13. Lipstick Set  A trio of conditioning lip colours that are will treat your lips to both a sheer tint of colour and a nourishing blend of conditioning oils.  $28

14. Travel French Press  You didn’t think I would forget about coffee did you? A single serving of freshly brewed coffee or loose leaf tea is your to enjoy with this bodum on the go. $21.99

15. Dryer balls No really, how cute are these? More than cute, you can skip harmful dryer sheets and let these little guys to the work in your dryer instead $9.99