Gifts Big and Small – For Him


Do you find the men in your life so hard to buy for? Same! This year, Scott’s Christmas list included a private jet…ha! It was his way of saying that he didn’t need anything… and while I might agree with him, I still want to have some packages under the tree and in his stocking as a showing of my love. I’ve searched for a range of gifts that I hope might help get some male names checked off your list! ps. many of them are available in Canada to make things even easier…



Beard Balm – if it makes your guy look like the handsome hipster they’re advertising, I’d say its a go… $15

Apple Watch Charger  This charging stand keeps your iPhone protected, while still allowing you to interact with it while charging. This sleek design will look fantastic on “his” nightstand. $39

Pocket Torch  Make lighting a breeze with this mini torch. Simply insert a cheap disposable lighter and you’ve got yourself a mini blowtorch $19.99

Speaker  This bluetooth speaker will be your go to for playing tunes. On land or on water, it’s up to you. It’s waterproof so pack it for a day of adventure $129.95

Macbook Skin Elevate the look of his technology with a wood veneer skin. Just peel and stick. $79

Techie Gloves  Make phoning and texting easy as pie while keeping your hands warm with these highly rated touchscreen gloves $49.99

Slippers  If you’re unsure what could warrant a slipper that costs almost $100 you might just want to read the reviews. Handcrafted in Denmark out of Merino and Gotland wool, these “house shoes” are the most cozy and comfortable footwear ever.    $89.95

iPhone Dock So much more than the normal unsightly docks, the one is crafted out of marble and will look sleek whether its holding your iphone/ipad or not $189.99

Tile Slim Phone finder? Wallet finder? Yes please! Even when your phone is on vibrate ( it’s happened to me ever…cough cough) $39.99

Underwear  I knew it would take something big to break Scott’s obsession with Calvin Klein underwear. ..Stance managed to make it happen. No turning back for this Storm Trooper $34

Hunting Soap   This soap captures and eliminates any odors making it the perfect hunting companion $9.50

Sneaker Cleaner  The best thing about new sneaks is their pristine condition. Keep them looking bright and white. $18

Battery Pack  Most every guy I know is pretty chill…until they fear their phone’s about to die. It’s a phenomen! This charging battery pack not only allows you to charge 3 devices at any one time. but houses it’s own charger cables. Small enough to fit in your pocket…   $34.99

Mug   How can you resist this face? Cookies are at the ready to go with his hot bevie $25.1o

Cold Brewer  For the coffee guy in your life… I’d probably want to steal this myself. Making your own cold brew can be a bit of a task…it just got a LOT easier with this brewer. Prep it and leave it to do its’ thing. $80