Living Simply


I’ve been home for a week and a half now, and it’s been so great to catch up with people. I’ve been asked many times, “So, it must be good to be home!”  And yes, it is.  The best part of me is having all five of us under the same roof…and sleeping in my own bed.  But I will admit that I’ve also had this annoyed feeling since I’ve been home.

Dylan and I lived in a very tiny apartment, we are talking like 300 square feet, for two months.  We packed three suitcases between the two of us.  Our kitchen was very minimally equipped.  So we lived with the basics.  We bought just the groceries we would need for a few days at a time.  It literally took me 20 minutes to clean our place and that included me washing the floor on my hands and knees.

So, I thought it would be so nice to come home to all of my “stuff”.  But it’s been the opposite.  I opened my bathroom drawers my first day back and wondered why I even needed all of that stuff.  I had been fine without it for two months, so why did I need it now?  I even feel the same way about my closet…too many clothes that I didn’t miss at all!

And then there’s the kitchen.  Sometimes I feel like I almost hoard food worried I might run out of something, and to be honest, I do throw away way too much food.  All of those expired items in the pantry, and produce as well.

I feel annoyed by so much stuff, even if it’s tidy and has it’s place. I really could live with so much less. Living in 300 square feet with a 15 year old teenager had its challenges for sure.  But it did feel good to have just the things that we needed and we weren’t weighed down by unnecessary stuff.  I read somewhere that if you are thinking about buying something, consider how you will feel about it in 6 months….even if it’s a really good deal (trust, me, I fall into that “it’s such a great price” trap all the time).

I feel like I’ve had a bit of an epiphany, and the amazing side effect of living more simply is having more time!  Bonus!  Even though I’m living the suburban life, I think I can incorporate some of the urban habits that I picked up.

  • Don’t buy something unless I really need it.  And don’t buy something unless I get rid of something…this is especially true when it comes to cosmetics and clothes!
  • Walk, walk, walk!  In the city, I did all my errands via foot.  I have to be more creative at home to get my steps in as I drive everywhere, but I’m trying to find ways, like walking to the grocery store and then getting picked up.
  • Only buy groceries for a week ahead.  Not only is there less waste, but your food is so much fresher.  In Toronto, I could only buy what I could take home in my wheeled cart (yes, it was a beauty), so I only bought what we really needed.
  • Don’t stress so much about the food that I serve to guests.  I’ll admit it, I feel “blog pressure”…yes, there is such a thing and I’ve brought it upon myself.  I feel like the meal needs to be over the top with the perfect tablescape.  I need to just keep meals simple and fresh and focus more on visiting than stressing about entertaining.  Hey, I’m still going to want to put effort in, but just peeled back.
  • Purge!  I’m getting ready for a big one this fall and I’m looking forward to feeling much lighter.

Do you have any tips for living simply?