Floral Branches

floral branches1

I am so loving the shift in floral design to more natural looking, deconstructed arrangements.  The simplicity of a couple of asymmetrical floral branches is stunning…and anyone can do it!  A few weeks I saw this Instagram photo and it inspired me!

anthro branches

We have a magnolia tree that’s pretty special.  Jason’s parents bought it for Dylan when she was born as they usually bloom around her birthday.  We have transplanted the tree through a few moves and photographed Dylan on her birthday beside it….most years (I may have forgotten a few…mom fail!).  The tree was really like a 2 foot bush when we got it and now it’s well over 12 feet tall!  It’s been so cool to watch Dylan grow alongside her magnolia tree.  And she and that tree just turned 15!  When we arrived home from Palm Springs earlier this week, it looked absolutely amazing, full of massive blooms.  So it was time to try my hand at a simple arrangement.

floral branches2

floral branches4

I snipped a few branches and put them in milk bottles.  Avalon organic chocolate milk comes in these amazing glass bottles, and Mac can’t get enough of it!  The bonus is that I use the bottles for all sorts of things and they make awesome vases.

floral branches3

floral branches5

It’s so super simple.  The blooms on Dyl’s tree were huge!  You could really use any type of floral branch.  Cherry blossoms would have a more delicate look.  Or go foraging for some wild flowering branches.  It’s all about the natural and organic look.