Confessions of a Bordering Hoarder


That title might be a bit overkill…it’s not A&E style or anything…in fact, every time i see an episode of Hoarders, i find myself jumping up at each commercial and throwing something away just to prove my anti-hoardedness (is that a word?). It’s true.  i look around and give myself a little pat on the back at how clean my house looks compared to what i’m watching on tv. ha!

The truth, on the other hand,  is that there is way too much “stuff” that has been slowly growing in different areas of our home. It always surprises me how fast things accumulate. I finally had enough…the wall was hit and for the last number of weeks, i have been working to de-clutter one space at a time. Now that i’ve gotten started, it’s become oddly exciting as i tackle a new area. My current task is editing my closet and i have to admit that it was well overdue.


It’s been a challenge to do a full on pare down, with no holds barred. I’ve found some ways to help get the job done and thought i’d share them with you:

  1. Once you start the job, keep going. There is something to be said about momentum. Organizing can have a slow start but the more you do, the easier it becomes. Find one item that you’re feeling particularly attached to. Set it aside in the “edit” pile and keep moving. I find that once the item has been moved, it’s like the spell is broken!
  2. Eliminate the excuses for keeping pieces that i’m not wearing. “It was expensive”, “It was SO in!”,  “I’m going to fit into that again”. Bottom line, if it’s not something that you wear, it goes.
  3. Separate sentiment from your “things”.  If you’re like me, there are memories attached to pieces in my closet. Case in point? A pair of brown polka dot wedges. i haven’t worn them in probably 8 years (at least), but they’ve sat on my shelf without moving because i look at them and remember a fabulous trip to Italy where i bought them. I’ve finally decided that i can look at my photos from that trip and feel the same great memories. i don’t need the shoes! Make sense?
  4. Styles do change…accept it. This doesn’t mean that you have to conform to what is considered on trend every time, but accept that styles evolve. And if you can’t do this yourself, get a friend to help…an honest friend.
  5. Put limits on your space. For example, jewelry trays are helpful in doing this. Dividers create space for individual pieces of jewelry, like i’ve shown a bit further down the post. I’ve decided that once every compartment is used, i’m cut off. This can be done with your other items as well….a sweater shelf, a sock drawer, whenever possible create a space and don’t exceed it.


Moving forward this is the biggest tip i can pass along:

Establish a new rule: Every action has a reaction…as in every new item that enters my closet means one has to leave. Don’t bend it..stick to it. It is something i’ve been working at for the last year and the key for me is to do it right away. 


These little jewelry compartments are the space i have allotted for sparklies. It’s a fantastic way to not only keep dainty pieces organized but, again, to keep a jewelry collection from growing into a monster. Here’s a similar set.


If nothing else resonates, think about what a gift some of your items might be to someone else. Someone who could use some gently worn (or new with the price tags still on!), but good quality pieces. Go forward, friends, and be firm with yourself.