My Christmas Table

christmas table landscape24

This Christmas, i trimmed down on my house decorations and it has been pretty refreshing. The idea was to only put out what i really loved. And leave the rest to be sorted through and given away..ok, well i’m yet to do the latter but it’s on my list! Paring things down doesn’t have to be a bad thing. i still love my home to feel festive, but wanted it to feel a bit less cluttered this year.

One part of my home that i do like to change seasonly is my dining room table. The effort feels worth it, as i think it gives real ambiance to your dinner guests. It also feels like its a manageable task because it’s one set area. Am i the only one who can get overwhelmed at the thought of going hog wild with decorating the whole house?

This year, i opted for a natural, earthy look with elements that could be re-purposed or scavenged from outside. It is a simple table, but incorporates some warmth and natural colour. The low presentation allows your guests to converse and see each other easily.

christmas table landscape9

Black was an accent colour that brought a bit of boldness to the table. These little dishes are ones that i will use year round…for dips, snacks or even ice cream. I filled them with walnuts and now just need to find a good nutcracker to allow the guests to crack those shells open.

christmas table landscape12

This little makeshift tree has to be my most budget friendly touch…and i was pretty pleased with myself. You see, I’m not the most crafty! I wanted a Christmas element on my sideboard but didn’t want to go buy anything new. Coming home one day, i noticed some bare branches along our driveway and the idea hit me. A pair of clippers and voila! A mini Christmas tree. No money had to be spent. I simply re-purposed a vase that i already had, arranged the branches and added some black ornaments …oh, and some cedar branches that were also snatched from outside.

christmas table landscape15


christmas table landscape16

Here i go with the succulents again…i seem to be unable to decorate without them! They really are such an easy component to add. These ones are still from summer. Using my Christmas wrapping paper this year… aka kraft paper…the succulents were “packaged” up. Greenery that won’t die between now and Christmas? Low maintenance.

christmas table landscape21

christmas table landscape20

christmas table landscape19

christmas table landscape23

christmas tablescape5

Are you dressing up your table for Christmas? I hope this post gives you some inspiration in finding items that you might already have or can gather from outside.. xo