Christmas Cranberry Spritzer

cranberry drink

This is so easy, i hesitate to post it. But..if you’re like me, you spend all your time planning the food for Christmas dinner. There are appetizers, main courses and desserts to prep for. It’s usually when the guests arrive that i wish i would have planned a drink to serve. This spritzer is one that Pam has served in past. It’s the perfect mix of tart and sweet…not overwhelming one way or the other. The addition of fresh herbs also keep the balance of sweet and savoury. Don’t skip the rosemary…it really does add the right amount of kick. I’ve mixed this drink in individual glasses in these photos but if you’re serving a crowd, get out that punch bowl…

cranberry drink8

This spritzer also lends itself well to the addition of wine. If you’re going for an adult libation, add some pinot grigio to the mix and it becomes a sort of Christmas sangria. I’m also going to add some chopped apples to mine because i think it will pair deliciously with the cranberries and rosemary…

cranberry drink3cranberry drink1cranberry drink7

Christmas Cranberry Spritzer
  • ⅔ part White Cranberry Cocktail
  • ⅓ part 7-up
  • Fresh Cranberries
  • Fresh Mint
  • Fresh Rosemary
  1. Mix cranberry cocktail and 7-up.
  2. Garnish with cranberries, mint and rosemary.
  3. Allow to sit half an hour before serving for flavours to mix.


cranberry drink4

Merry Christmas! xo