Oh Canada

oh canada1

Happy Canada Day! How proud are you to live in the True North Strong and Free? I will admit that i take much of life’s offerings here for granted. Not proud to say that. It only takes a cursory glance at the news to remind me just how much of the globe does not have peace, opportunity and safety like we have here.

We also live with some pretty beautiful surroundings. Vancouver is hard to beat, especially on a sunny day. Majestic mountains, sparkling ocean..it’s pretty spectacular. I think the more i travel, i recognize the beauty sitting outside our backdoor. Really, there’s no excuse for not being active, right? Nature can be a downright show-off during both winter and summer around these parts!

If you were to ask Scott, he’d tell you the two best things about Canada are hockey and beer. I’m not a beer lover, so i’ll have to take his word. The hockey thing though..i get it. It’s our sport. And us Canadians are like proud and protective parents when it comes to the ice.

So today we celebrate many things: Maple Syrup, Poutine, Chris Hadfield, Ogopogo, Smarties, Apologies, Rink Rats, Swiss Chalet Sauce (I’ll reserve talking about my feelings on this one!), Coffee Crisp, Toonies, Coach’s Corner and “Relic” (remember him??). And more so we should take a moment and be thankful for the bigger picture. We are extremely fortunate to live in this country. Happy Birthday, Canada.  Thanks for being so good to us!

oh canada2