Spring 2015 Nail Colours

spring 2015 nail colours5

One of my favorite things about spring is seeing all the new nail polish collections.  Nail polish is an inexpensive pick-me-up.  I’ve been checking out Spring 2015 colors from my go-to brands and they all have two things in common…plums and purples.  Essie’s “Flowerista” is a fun, bright plum.  Chanel’s “Desiro” is very similar to “Flowerista” and their “Tenderly” is a soft, muddy lavender…a perfect neutral.  OPI’s Hawaii Collection has a few choices.  “Just Lanai’ing Around” is a creamy mauve, “Hello Hawaii Ya?” is a dark, dusky purple and “Lost My Bikini in Molokini” is a bright purple.

spring 2015 nail colours

I tend to run out and pick up the newest colors, but decided to take it easy this year and go through my nail polish collection..yes, I may have a slight problem…and see if I had any similar colors.  I have just a few purples and plums…eeks!!

spring 2015 nail colours6

The truth is that things tend to come back around and I think nail colors come back around much faster than fashion trends.  You might already have a color very similar to one of this season’s hottest shades from a year or two ago.

Here are a few shades that I’m bringing back this season…

Essie’s “Warm & Toasty Turtleneck“, very similar to Chanel’s “Tenderly”

OPI’s “Overexposed in South Beach”  looks like both Essie’s “Flowerista” and Chanel’s “Desiro”

Essie’s “Island Hopping” is similar to OPI’s “Just Lanai’ing Around”

Revlon’s “Impulsive” looks like OPI’s “Hello Hawaii Ya?”

OPI’s “Purple with a Purpose” is very close to “Lost My Bikini in Molokini”

spring 2105 nail colours2

I hope this inspires you to dig deep in those bathroom drawers…what is old may be new again!  And no worries if the nail polish is a bit thick.  A couple of drops of nail lacquer thinner and you are in business. The sheen or tone of the polish you already have might be slightly different than the newest colors, but who’s going to really notice.  Your mani will still be on point!