Heart Day – Breakfast in Bed

There are few things that feel like true indulgences. One of them is breakfast in bed. i’m usually jumping out of bed and hitting the ground running at the sound of my alarm, so the idea of waking up to a delicious brunch with nowhere to rush off to is simply a luxury. i’ve also timed this post before heart day so if you’re still not sure how to celebrate your love, this might just be your answer…


The elements don’t have to be complicated… in fact i had all of the ingredients on hand…except for the almond croissant..that was well worth a trip out!


I’d like to think i’m pretty handy in the kitchen but when it comes to pastry, i’m happy to defer to the pros. If you haven’t been to Duft and Co in historic old Abbotsford, you need to go.. stat! Their almond croissant is decadent and  is on par with any pastry i sampled in Paris…maybe even better. I simply have not tried one pastry at their bakehouse that i haven’t oohed and aahed over.


I found a recipe for Dutch Babies… individual fluffy pancake-like confections. They are delicious and can be prepped the night before and baked the next morning. My kids are begging me for more…




No real breakfast in bed is complete without a crossword. And because this breakfast was made for Scott, i chose to skip girly flowers and re-purpose a succulent that i already had.

Perfect to show your love that they are treasured and appreciated…just be sure to make enough for you to enjoy as well xoxo