Sweet Start- Food Show Giveaway

Morning, friends…well if you live in our neck of the woods, i’m really hoping that you had a chance to drink in some of the gorgeous sunshine this weekend! Every day that i wake up to the sun streaming into my bedroom, i say a little thank you. I love it.

Today marks the beginning of a pretty busy week…we are leaving Thursday for Paris. So there’s the usual to-do list of packing, laundry and  filling the house with groceries for the fam (not that i’m counting on Scott doing much cooking, but if the thought crosses his mind, the fridge will be ready for him!)

paris packing

What stresses me out about myself is that i tend to try to get random stuff done before i leave on a vacation…stuff that really hasn’t been important in the recent past enough to be dealt with…until now! I drive myself crazy…random closets that are getting sorted out, selling hockey skates that Lincoln has grown out of, clothes that my girls have outgrown, cleaning skuff marks off of kitchen cabinets, re-arranging my pantry, purging my nail polish collection, the list goes on. What is this? Is there a name for it?  Because as i do these things, it means i’m no closer to being travel ready. I’m not looking for sympathy but rather an explanation for why i do this! I think i need help. Help!


Aside from my meaningless meanderings about my household, we thought it would be a great start to the week by offering a giveaway to you local readers. The 7th Fraser Valley Food Show AND the 2nd Gluten-Free LivingShow is coming once again to Abbotsford. It promises to be a foodie festival boasting a schedule filled with celebrity chef cooking demos, the ever popular Sausage Making Contest, wine and beer tastings and gluten free cooking.  This year’s celebrity stage will feature Ned Bell, executive chef at the Four Seasons Hotel.  If you’ve ever eaten at Yew Restaurant, you will know why this is kinda a big deal. Love Yew!


The fabulous team at the Food Show would love to give away 2 free tickets to attend this year’s show, which will take place at the Tradex in Abbotsford on Oct 3-5th.



To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment here on the blog about who you’d love to bring to the show along with yourself!

**Winner will be announced on Friday, Sept 19th . Entries accepted until Thursday, Sept 18th midnight PST.

Have a great week everyone! xo