Friday Find ~ Beach Shorts

Beach shorts

Packing for the Turks and Caicos and New York was a bit of a challenge..two totally different trips….but, no, I’m not asking for you to feel sorry for me.  I packed a ton of swim suits and cover ups for the Turks and I’ll tell you what I wore non-stop… athletic shorts by Champion.  I picked them up on a whim from Target just before we left, thinking they would work as board shorts for paddle boarding, snorkeling and other water activities.  The water so SOOO warm, that no board shorts were necessary.  But I wore these babies everyday over my bikini when we walked along the beach three miles each morning to get the best iced almond milk lattes at Lemon 2 Go.  And then again for brunch with a loose tank.  These shorts dry very quickly and slip on perfectly over a swimsuit.  The knit waistband makes them uber comfortable.  And the color, “Sunset”…how apropos… is just fun and happy!  They are on sale in the US for just $8.48 and available in stores in Canada for $19.99.