My Turkish Delight

Wow, has it already been a month since we’ve blogged? It was a much needed break from the routine and we had a wonderful time just being in the moment and spending time with our family without any of the regular constraints of being home.

Visiting the the Turks and Caicos was…well..almost surreal. It was beautiful….like we’re talking cray-cray beautiful. I couldn’t stop taking pictures because i kept looking around going, “Wha…???? Is this place real?” Indeed it was and i’d love to take you on a mini tour today, if you don’t mind, because i just know that you’re gonna want to add the Turks to your list of must-go vacations! Listen, they’ve been talking about making the Turks and Caicos a province of Canada. Ummm..what are they waiting for???

Quite simply, i loved the beauty, the food (shocker, hey?), the company and last, but def not least, the sunsets.

Colors took on a life of their own. Blues, a million shades of brilliant turquoise, royal blue, aqua, azure all at once…i have never seen such bold and pure blue! And sand the texture of icing sugar…glorious. It is the land where filters are not needed! Hope these pics sway you my way…








I can be a bit of a freak about my kids in the ocean…i don’t like that you can’t see the bottom when they’re out there. So this was the best of both worlds! Tons of fish to look at and super kid friendly…as this pic below shows…we’re out in the middle of the ocean close to a reef where our snorkeling excursion took us. With water this clear and calm, snorkeling was  breeze for the kids and less stressful for mom!


Bold red starfish dotted the turquoise waters. Loved having a close up look at these intricately and delicately formed creatures.


It will come as no surprise that both Pam and i searched for some great food..Caribbean style of course!  Fish tacos were in abundance…oh, they were speakin my language on that one! Conch, a local shellfish was also in plentiful supply…conch fritters, conch ceviche, conch tacos…every last variation i tried was delish!


This treat was termed “Banoffee”…if you’re thinking Banana, Toffee and Coffee Whipped Cream, you’re onto us!


And this coffee haunt is proof that it doesn’t matter how far away from home you might be, there’s always a kindred spirit in coffee to be found! This coffee shop became our morning ritual…we would wake up, throw on our beach coverups and walk along the ocean about 3 km for our morning java. Iced of course! Round trip, it was some great exercise to start off our day!


Eating on the beach on July 4th, which coincidentally is also Scott’s and our nephew, Griffin’s birthday, was a huge highlight. Toes dug into the cool sand, sipping crisp white wine and indulging on seafood paella is pretty memorable…add in the sunset and well, it was a family moment i wish i could have pushed pause on for a long while!


Euro style even in the Caribbean…seriously, our nephew has got it goin on!






When in Rome, right?  White attire for beach photos is pretty much a give-in… so thankful that we were able to travel as an entire family!  The kids thought staying with Grammy and Pappa was pretty fun too!


The sunsets were beautiful. The setting of the sun didn’t mean it was time to grab your sweater. We spent the time eating, taking pics and even taking sunset swims…the warmth was a little less intense than daytime but still without a hint of a chill. We weren’t cold…not once! My sweaters took up precious space in my luggage…next time i’ll be a bit wiser…


Until next time Turks…we WILL be back… who’s comin?