Sweet Start – Catching our Breath!


We made it!!!  Through June, that is.  June was a bit of a gong show with end of school activities, wind ups for spring hockey, club volleyball nationals and beach volleyball start up, dance rehearsals and year end shows….whew!!!  It’s been month full of great things….just busy.  And today….we BREATHE!

Laurel and I have been debating whether we should take a bit of time of…a “blogcation” of sorts…not because we don’t enjoy it, but simply to take some time to really be in the moment with our families this summer.  We are going away on an extended family vacation to the Turks and Caicos and then heading to New York for a dance competition.  We’ve been busy scouting out resties and attractions and mapping them all out!!

We have not taken a break since we started the blog over two and a half years ago….so we have been conflicted!  Our readers are the BEST…so loyal and supportive…we don’t want to let YOU down!

So, here’s the scoop….we won’t be posting for a few weeks.  However, our Instagram accounts @sugarplumsisterlaurel and @sugarplumsisterpam and our Facebook page will be active with updates of our travels, family adventures, food experiences and shopping finds.  So please follow along!

We are so looking forward to gathering tons of inspiration from our travels for fresh and new ideas….in time for your summer barbecues, trips and more!   Thanks for your support and understanding and we will see you back here July 23!