Friday Find ~ Silver Polish

Silver plate


I have been fortunate enough to inherit some beautiful silver pieces from both my grandmothers. I am not a very sentimental person.. .but there is something so special about antique silver.  And I think of my grandmas each time I use a piece of it….so they are sentimental to me!

I have to admit though that antique silver does tarnish so easily and quickly and I often don’t have the time to consistently and painstakingly polish it…so I haven’t been using it much.  A friend and I were recently chatting about silverware.  She mentioned that she uses her pieces often as she can because she found the most amazing product to clean and polish them quickly.



My friend picked me up some from HomeSense (it retails there for $7.99) to give it a try.  This stuff is the bomb!!  It’s a pink-ish paste that you apply with a warm, damp sponge included in the container.  You lather it up and watch the black tarnish disappear before your eyes.  You can also purchase it online here and on


Here’s the transformation of my silver plate in just over five minutes with a little bit of elbow grease…


Silver plate before and after


Next on my list is to polish up the cream and sugar set my Dad’s mom gave me.  I can’t wait to use them again!!