Colorful Crudites



Last week our friend Andrea hosted a surprise birthday lunch for our friend Denise.  We did succeed in surprising her and Andrea prepared an amazing spread with fresh mozza boards, a fresh kale salad with chicken, almonds and pomegranate seeds and the most delicious panzanella….watch for that on the blog soon!

Andrea asked if I could bring a veggie platter.  I was inspired by the crudites appetizer at True Food Kitchen….fresh, colorful, crisp veggies served on a bowl of ice with tzatziki and black olive dips.  I never would have ordered a “veggie platter” for an appie, but Lo’s father-in-law ordered it for the table and it was amazing!  So yummy and guilt-free!




I couldn’t serve the veggies on ice as I was prepping a bit in advance.  I did use a very large white bowl and heaped it full of colorful things…and I served it with an avocado hummus and tzatziki.  It took a bit of effort to find some out of the ordinary veg, but I think it was worth it!  And I didn’t get lazy on the prep…I bought the carrots with the tops on…not the prepped ones, and man, they tasted sooo much better!




Here’s what I included…

  • purple cauliflower (I found it at Kin’s Farm Market)
  • orange cauliflower (also from Kin’s)
  • green beans, blanched
  • asparagus, blanched
  • radishes…next time I’d like to find some unusual varieties
  • carrots
  • peppers
  • baby cucumbers
  • red “grape” tomatoes
  • orange “grape” tomatoes




It really goes to show that putting a little bit of extra effort into something ordinary can make it quite special!  Wouldn’t this be the perfect compliment for a barbecue?  I think so!  Now go on and enjoy those veggies!