Photo Apps

dyl pic

I am NOT a photographer!  In fact, when Jason and I were first married taking photos and taking out the garbage were on his to-do list  just look cooking and laundry were on mine!   When Laurel and I first talked about starting a blog, I thought I was going to be the researcher and Laurel would be the photographer and writer!  Well…that’s not exactly how it works on a practical level.  I keep trying to convince Berkeley that photography would be an excellent elective to take…but so far no-go!  So, I’m trying to learn to take better pics, mostly on my iPhone…working angles, figuring out lighting…ok, I’m actually…well sort of…enjoying  it!

What’s super helpful is all of the amazing apps out there for editing and enhancing photos.  Photo editing programs that used to cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars are now available as apps from anywhere from free to $9.99.  Dylan is a bit of a novice photographer…she loves taking pics, mostly using self-timer or video and screen shotting.  A few of her faves are Font Candy and Split Pic Pro .  All of these photos are hers! dyl pic2

I am all about user-friendly apps.  A few of my faves are A Beautiful Mess and PicTapGo .  Both are super easy to use and work really well with Instagram.

I often hear myself saying to one of the kids, “Cool…how did you do that with that pic?  Can you show me?  What app was that? ”  So the tables are turning and….



dyl pic3


I will never be come a pro photographer, but I am having fun!!  And, hey, because I never seem to be without my iPhone, there’s no excuse to miss out on a photo op. What are your favorite photo apps?