Sweet Start- Find your Rhythm

Last week found me a little in over my head. Ever feel overwhelmed? That was me. Big time. The list of “to-do”s seemed to be staring me in the face and my usual resolve just seemed to be weak. Feeling under the gun with a frustrated spirit is not a great place to find yourself.

finding rhythm


These moments are the ones where i am reminded just how much we humans were created to be with others..not lone rangers in the middle of the desert! Being surrounded by friends and family who love you regardless of your good days or bad is the best antidote. It was in the moment of wearing my feelings on my sleeve that one of my “peeps” shared some lightbulb advice with me: “I’m realizing its not just about gettin’ er done.  It’s just a steady rhythm of keeping on!” Oh how refreshing those words were. And incredibly timely too. While i love my lists (multiple lists are going at any given time!), that  piece of paper with every item crossed off has been eluding me..and well, it’s been stressing me. Every time i strike one item, i add another one. Which in turn makes me feel perpetually behind.

I love the idea of settling into rhythm…knowing that it’s not about reaching for the impossible but rather tackling what i can each day and being satisfied with those accomplishments. Embracing the great things that happen…instead of viewing projects i am taking on as “work” but rather being grateful that i am able to spend time doing what i love. To view the days that i’m pretty much a taxi driver more so as days that i am able to spend time with my kids..that time is invaluable and really, the best conversations i have with those three muffins of mine consistently take place in the car.

This is why i surround myself with friends more wise than myself! Super grateful that those words were shared with me. They really were a lightbulb moment…rhythm and not this crazy goal of being done. What does done even mean anyways?

That conversation spurred me to ignore the laundry piled on top of my washer and the dishes that needed to be cleared from the dishwasher and instead i decided to take in the moment. My camera and i went outside and took some time to capture the color that was bursting brilliantly after the day’s deluge of rain. A little apropos don’t you think?

finding rhythm collage

Pretty amazing what you can find when you open your eyes and take a look around you, right?

Hope you find rhythm this week…keep on keepin on! Does this advice resonate with you as it did for me? How do you find your rhythm?