Marshmallow/Tea Tasting & Giveaway


Last week Pam and i had the pleasure of taking part in a marshmallow and tea tasting. Since then i’ve been wondering where this combo has been all my life! What a delightful mix…melting gourmet marshmallows in a sea of fragrant tea…a definite treat!

I was also surprised at how different these pairings tasted..and started to envision in just what type of scenario these pairings could be served!

Today’s post not only gives you the lowdown on our favourites to serve but it has something in it for you….a chance for you to enter to win one of these delicious tea and marshmallow combinations…YES! Three lucky winners actually!

Meet the lovely ladies who made this tasting such a fun experience:

Karla of Karla’s Specialteas..She is a level 6 tea sommelier for all you teetotallers out there. Who knew the complexities of tea? Different brewing temperatures for different leaf varieties.. Like wine, there is a science to tea!

Tina of the Pink Spatula is well known for her handcrafted marshmallows.  We have featured her delicious morsels in the past, like these gourmet s’mores. Really, once you try her ‘mallows, you’ll never want to do s’mores any other way!

Put these two women’s passions together and you’ve got yourself a cup of AWESOME!


The three pairings we sampled were each distinctly different in flavour but equally as delicious:

Banana Chocolate Chunk Marshmallows with Chai Rooibos Tea. Beautifully spiced with almost a banana bread taste, this pairing was rich and sweet but tempered by the moody spices inherent in chai.

Lemon & Honey Marshmallows with Tropical Flowers Green Tea. Fresh honey crystals sparkle atop these marshmallows. This was a comfort combination for me. Fresh and subtly sweet..the honey taste comes out after like a little gift for the tea drinker…

Blackberry Lavender Marshmallows with Very Berry Rooibos Tea. Made with local culinary grade lavender..nothing artificial, these marshmallows melted in the Very Berry giving an incredibly fresh and fruity taste, without the usual sourness that makes me opt for anything other than fruit teas normally.


These teas are super beautiful…i couldn’t get over the brilliance of the Tropical Flowers leaves…that sapphire blue!!

Look for the Pink Spatula’s new summer flavour releases in early June. Peach Raspberry, Peanut Butter Ripple, Vanilla Bean and Toasted Coconut…all of which are killer…i’ve had the pleasure of sampling them all!  I can eat the Peanut Butter ones like candy…
Tea pairings will be done for Vanilla Bean and Peach Raspberry which we will be sure to share with you all. Join the marshmallow craze by ordering these amazing creations across Canada on Foodie Pages or find them at these local retailers.


Karla’s Tea can be found locally at these retailers (to name a few: Nature’s Pickins, Lepp Farm Market and Tracycakes) or visit her online shop… Take it a step further and treat yourself to High Tea at Lepp Farm Market where Karla will be serving her fragrant blends.



We are giving away Marshmallow and Tea pairings to THREE lucky sisters. To enter, please post a comment here on which of the three pairings you would opt for: 1. Banana Chocolate Chunk with Chai Rooibos   2. Lemon & Honey with Tropical Flowers or 3. Blackberry Lavender with Very Berry Rooibos. We would also love to hear if you could sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with anyone, who would you choose? (Comments on our Facebook page will not be entered..sorry!) Winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 13, 2014. Entries will be accepted until Monday, May 12th at 11:59pm. Open to Canadian residents only at this time. 

**Giveaway is now closed. Winners were announced on our Facebook page and have been notified by email….looking forward to the next giveaway with you sisters! 

  • Colleen

    Blackberry Lavender with Very Berry Rooibos sounds amazing! Would love to share at work during our morning ‘tea’ break 🙂

  • Leah

    # 1… How could you go wrong with chocolate, banana
    And chai…. Yummy!!! I would love to share it with
    My auntie who has the same love of tea and chocolate as me!!

  • dawn

    Lemon & Honey with Tropical Flowers, sounds great right about now as I am recovering from surgery & came down with pneumonia. I would love to share it with my mom who just left after being here nursing me for a month.

  • Nicky

    All of these combinations sound so delicious! But I think I would most enjoy the Blackberry Lavender with very berry rooibos and I would most definitely love to share this with my fiancé. Although I am not sure he would appreciate this combination as much as myself but he would definitely appreciate the time spent together trying new flavours.

  • Chris

    1. Banana Chocolate Chunk with Chai Rooibos !! I have had many of Tina’s mallows before & enjoyed every single one & have a mini addiction to Karla’s Specialteas(I’ve even sent the chamomile blossoming tea to my mother in law in England!) I have floated many a mallow in hot chocolate too..mmm! I would share(if I must!)with one of my best friends, Kristen.

  • Carlene

    Definitely the lemon and honey with green tea! I would love to share it with my nana who is 85. She is always interested in trying new things!

  • Joan Topp

    I have to definitely go with Blackberry Lavender with Very Berry Rooibos as Blueberry anything is my favorite. I would share with my good friend who is also a tea lover extraordinaire.

  • Rhona

    Share? We’ll ok 🙂 I’d love to have a tea party with my 3 young nieces. My own kids missed out on the marshmallow tea pairing idea (hmmm, maybe they’re not too old for a tea party) but it would be so fun with the wee ones. BTW, received pink spatula marshmallows last June as a teachers gift (along with other ‘s’more ingredients)…they were truly delicious. Fantastic way to start the summer!

  • Jenny

    Hi, my pairing pick is lemon honey with tropical flowers. For tea, I’d want no one more than my Dad to be there. Unfortunately, he passed away 5 years ago, so clearly this is just a dream. But it would be so nice! Although he for sure would have picked the Banana chocolate chunk with chai rooibos.

  • Randi

    My choice would be blackberry lavender with very berry rooibos! And if I could share it with anyone it would be with my friend who is a fellow tea lover 🙂

  • Helen Hutt

    Mmmm the banana chocolate chunk with chai rooibos sounds heavenly! If I could sit down for tea with anyone it would be my Grandfather Brian – he passed away in 2010 and I miss him every single day! ♥

  • FlaireBear

    Being a lover of chai, I would have to go for the chai and chocolate banana marshmallow. If I could sit down with anyone for tea….hmmm…my kids.

  • Brianna Cooper

    Banana Chocolate Chunk Marshmallows with Chai Rooibos Tea is my vote but all 3 sounds delicious 🙂

    • Brianna Cooper

      Oops I forgot to say who with. I would love to sit down with my dear friend Hayley whom works full time and some,also goes to university so when we have time for tea catch up I treasure it.

  • Aprille. Ferrario

    Ooh banana chocolate and chai yum! Love to be with my two beautiful sisters one who moved away!

  • Nancy

    Lemon and Honey paired with tropical teas would be like a mini vacation! Would love to share with my daughter who shares my love for tea!

  • Kathleen

    Lemon & Honey with Tropical Flowers! Yumm! I would share with my best friend and sister. We live so close yet never take the time to just sit and visit with each other.

  • Irene C

    Banana Chocolate Chunk with Chai Rooibos for sure. I would share it with my Mother…I cherish each day we have together. She makes me calm and relaxed and reminds me that life is fragile and very precious.

  • So hard to choose, but I think the banana chocolate chunk floating in chai sounds like it would hit the spot best. I would love to share with my sister and mom, since we don’t often get to just sit and hang out.

  • Connie loewen

    Do I really have to choose? Blackberry lavender and blueberry, since a decision is necessary. I would invite my sweet daughter who I will miss while we receiver her sister in China.

  • Diana Diack

    Mmm they all sound delicious!! I think the lemon and honey combo would win my heart!! My fabulous glamourous and strong Gma is in her 5 th round of chemo this week and I think she would adore getting together and enjoying these wonderful combos!

  • Jessica N

    Wow, they all sound so good! Its sad to say I have never had the chance yet to try pink spatula’s marshmallows that I’ve heard so much about! I think I would have to try the Banana chocolate chunk floating in chai, I have a big sweet tooth.. so yes please:) I would love to sit down and enjoy a nice hot cup of tea/visit with my good friend Kim, we talk almost everyday but see each & visit with one another in person maybe 1 or 2 times a month maybe(wish it was more)… Always enjoy her company!:)

  • Shannon Mazereeuw

    I would love to try the Lemon & Honey with Tropical Flowers {have the other two of Karla’s Teas and they are amazing!}. Since I’m lucky enough to have tea with my favourite people on a regular basis, I’d want to have tea with someone I’ve never met before… so probably Beyonce!

  • Mark Villanueva

    this is a tough choice I could go for either Lemon and Honey with tropical flowers as I love the combo of lemon and honey but im trying real hard to resist the Banana chocolate Chunk with Chai as I have a feeling it would remind me of a banana split. so I guess Banana chocolate is my choice.

  • meredith

    The banana Chocolate Chunk with Chai Rooibos sounds amazing!!! actually they all do, but that would be my 1st choice


    MMMmmm Banana Chocolate Chunk with Chai Rooibos !! And I would totally have tea with Johnny Depp, because hello, its JOHNNY DEPP!!!! MMMmmm again 😉

  • ikkinlala

    Marshmallows in tea? Odd, but intriguing. If I won I’d choose the Banana Chocolate Chunk with Chai Rooibos because, well, you had me at banana bread.

    If I could sit down for a cup of tea with anyone I chose, it would be a friend of mine who passed away a couple of years ago.

  • Ashley Miletto

    I would choose pairing number 3. It sounds just perfect to enjoy a cup with my husband after the kids have gone to bed .

  • Andrea

    Lemon Honey with Tropical Flowers tea! And well, with you of course!