Friday Find- Earl Grey Affogato

Traditionally an affogato entails coffee… more specifically a very hot shot of espresso poured over ice cream or gelato. The word affogato is Italian and literally means “drowned” so you get the vision of the hot espresso drowning the rich ice cream and creating a cup full of flavoury goodness. If you’ve had one, you know just how delicious they are.

After getting some extremely good ice cream into my hands, none other than Earnest Ice Cream‘s London Fog,  i decided to switch things up and create a tea affogato. I, along with my taste testers, think its a winner.  An incredibly easy but decadent dessert that i’m sure to serve this summer!

earl gray6

When i said easy, i wasn’t kidding. If you have tea and ice cream, you’re three quarters of the way there!

I like to put my glass in the freezer beforehand…the key in making an affogato is to have the hot HOT and the cold COLD. Add a couple scoops of vanilla or London Fog ice cream into the chilled glass. Pour very hot steeped Earl Grey tea over the ice cream and serve immediately. I also added a couple of Earl grey tea leaves on top for some added colour..and a little crunch. Karla’s Specialteas’ Earl Grey Cream Tea is made of beautiful leaves with vibrant blue cornflower petals throughout.

earl gray5


The only trick to this treat is to serve it immediately, so you can enjoy the hot tea with the still formed ice cream scoops. I love that this dessert allows you to spend more time with your guests than in the kitchen!