Friday Find – Cilantro Sauce

cilantro sauce


Laurel and I have talked a lot about clean eating and that involves a lot of grilled meat and no rich sauces.  I’ve been using a lot of mustard and needed to switch it up a bit!  I came across KFI’s Coriander Cilantro Chutney Sauce at Walmart in the Indian food section.  What intrigued me first was cilantro…I love it…and secondly, that 2 tablespoons are only 15 calories.  It’s spicy and just slightly sweet (there are 4 g of carbs) and it tastes great on grilled chicken, pork, steak and seafood.  We’ve also had it with stir fries instead of sriracha for a change.  It’s very fresh tasting with a bit of heat…loads of flavor….and no MSG or gluten..and it’s under $3.  Perfect for barbecue season!  Try it!