Friday Find- the Best Sandals

I’ve been cyber stalking Matt Bernson..i should clarify…i’m not after him but rather the arrival of his spring collection! You might remember a couple weeks ago we talked about Big Trip Essentials. Included on our list, we recommended the most comfortable and completely chic sandals out there. Enter Matt Bernson.

Turn the clock back two years when i was on the hunt for a comfy gladiator sandal that still looked great. Favorited by a long list of celebs, i kept seeing Matt Bernson gladiators online and wondered what the hubbub was about. Hey, if Jessica Alba could wear them 24/7, i thought i’d give them a try. A cushioned footbed and buttery soft leather carried me across Italy (without so much as a blister or a rub) that summer and made me a huge fan of his shoes. This is the sandal that you could wear everyday.

Spring 2014 has made its debut. Yay! Along with some new fun styles, they have brought back my two favorites:

 matt bernson_edited-2


The KM Gladiator and the Love Sandal. The perfect sandals.

ps. especially love the rose gold leather.


Find them online at ShopBop or check the Matt Bernson site to shop and seek out additional stockists. Don’t delay..these sandals fly..FLY off the shelves!