Sweet Start – Skin Care Plan

Eco Diva package 3


I have never had fantastic skin.  I struggled as a teen with breakouts and I admit it…I’m a serious sun worshipper!!  Since turning 40, my skin has been changing, not in a good way!!  My skin is thinning, looking dull and the breakouts are happening again!  Ugh!

While we were away over Christmas, Laurel was raving about the new products that she had just started using from Eco Diva…they are all non-toxic and smell amazing!!!   And she said that her skin was already improving!

I decided this last week that it’s time to get serious about my skin!  I contacted Garcy from EcoDiva and told her my woes (including my dry hair!).  She sent me detailed info and recommendations!!!  So, I put my order in clapped my hands in delight when the package arrived this weekend!!


Eco Diva package


Anything that comes in that beautiful black and gold box packaged with love and attention is going to be amazing…I just know it!


Eco Diva package 2


My mother-in-law has been using Tata Harper products for the last two years and she says that her skin has never been better…and I agree!  Her piece of advice to me is…..stick with it and you’ll see results!

I am SOOO excited to get a fresh start on my skin care plan..ok, to be honest, to actually have one!  I’m on my way to glowing skin!  Yahoooo!!!  Oh, and stay tuned…I will report back!