Sweet Start – Jan6

We’re back at it today….routine kicked in first thing this morning. And feeling ready for a year of awesomeness ahead because it’s all about attitude first!

The Christmas Break was a time of rest and rejuvenation…and Pam and i have been doing lots of planning for SPS’s upcoming year. When do we ever get a chance to chill for hours with no where to rush off to? Pretty much never…so we took advantage of our time!


In talking about where we’d like to go with our blog this year, we realized that a huge part of that answer lies with YOU! Simply put, we want to keep it fresh, inspiring and REAL with you sisters. Which means, we would love to hear your thoughts. Are you liking what you’re reading? Are there specific topics you’d like us to be writing about?

What do you think of some of the series we’ve been running? The Friday Find…helpful or too obvious? Monday’s Sweet Start that’s often more of our musings than much else…too much personal info…too little?

Interviews with some of our favourite fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs? We love to see what other people around us are up to…you too?

Would you like to join us for some planned events…workshops, cooking classes, booster brunch?
Tutorials and demos on You Tube? Interested?

And a hot topic around here. Online shopping. We love to curate some of our favorites and offer them to our readers through our site…do you cyber shop (as much as we do??)

There’s a lot of questions, and they aren’t just limited to those. This is where we need your help.

Feedback is good. No, it’s great! And i promise we’ll put on our big girl pants and take what you have to say like a champ! We’re ready for to hear from you xo