Off to Alt Summit I Go!

ALt sisters

These ladies, Gabrielle Blair and Sara Urquhart, really know how to put on a conference!! And we love that the founders of Alt are sisters!  Photo courtesy of Alt Summit, Image by Justin Hackworth


Yesterday, Laurel and I left for Alt Summit in Salt Lake City and I can guarantee that today is going to be a busy day, filled with tons of information and no matter how tired I might feel, I will be pumped!!!  There is something so exciting about getting together with people who are ahead of the curve and further into the “blogging journey” and gleaning all that we can from them. Oh, and it’s such a bonus that the Alt team puts on such a well-organized event and everything is sooooo pretty!!!  Last year I kept clapping my hands (Jason says I’m a clapper when I’m happy or excited, think little monkey toy with clashing cymbals!) because all of the little details were so amazing!

Here are a few things that I’m particularly looking forward to at Alt SLC over the next few days!

Speakers I DON’T want to miss….


Alt speakers

Camille Styles, Jasmine Star and Ben Silbermann
Images courtesy of Alt Summit


Camille Styles is going to be a part of a panel talking about the business of blogging.  We love that Camille is a lifestyle blogger covering a lot of the same topics that we cover.  She’s way further down the blogging path than we are so I’m excited to hear her advice on how we can take our blog to the next level.  Check our her blog if you haven’t…LOVE her whole aesthetic!

Last year, SOOO many people said that we had to hear  Jasmine Star speak.  But she’s a wedding photographer…that didn’t really relate to us??  But, we went any way and this year, she’s on our “must hear” list.  We could not get enough of her passion, joy, enthusiasm and faith!  She’s an entirely self-taught photographer who took a huge leap of faith to pursue her dream….so inspirational!  She’s speaking on personal branding.

Ben Silbermann, the founder of Pinterest!!  Thanks to this dude, I basically don’t watch TV anymore!  I am known to say to the fam that I’m going to “Pinterland” for a while before I go to bed!!  Yes, I love Pinterest that much.  If you haven’t checked it out, you should.  But be prepared…..creating virtual bulletin boards is addicting!  I don’t know what Ben will be speaking on, but I am SO there!

Design Camps I want to check out…

Marketing Products – Laurel and I have a LOT of ideas, but we need to know the steps of how to produce a prototype, manufacture it and then make it available to our readers!

Photo Styling and Food  Photography – I’ll be honest…it can be the best recipe in the world, but if the photo looks amateur on Pinterest I just pass over it!!  And, I really suck at taking good pics.   I’ve been trying to figure out what about a photo grabs me…. Is it a modern, clean feel?  Raw, rustic ingredients?  I seriously CAN’T wait for this camp…I need it!


alt business cards


It’s nice being Alt alumni….we feel like we know a little bit more of what to expect this time!!  That includes business cards!!  We had heard last time that creative business cards were a big deal….we had nice embossed cards but we were BLOWN AWAY by some of the amazing cards we received (you can see some of them here).  This year we are uber excited to give out our cards!!!  Hey, we are the Sugar Plum Sisters, so we had to include a sweet treat and we knew exactly what would be perfect….Milsean Almond Butter Crunch!  Our friends at the Milsean Shoppe graciously made up minis of their classic for us to give away!!!  This butter crunch has been a fave of Lo and mine for years and it’s stood the test of time!! The super thin layer of white chocolate over the toffee takes this confection to a whole other level.  I have a feeling our cards might be rather popular!


alt business cards2


We are going to glean as much info as we can….and I know it will show up in the coming months in better posts and photos!!!  So,  here’s to a few crazy, busy days, amazing people, information overload, and a TON of fun!!!