5 Things to Get Back on Track!

Yesterday was back to “normal” life for me…we are back from Palm Desert (sigh….), the kids are back at school, hockey and dance and I’m back to writing posts!  I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas and New Years….maybe a little too much!!!  There was a fair amount of indulging!  And from my Instagram  you probably noticed we had a “few”, ok  a lot, of really great meals in the desert!  My mantra the last month has been….”January 5th I’ll get back on track!”  I believe that it’s ok to have times of indulgence as long as you reign it in!  For me, now is that time!  I did try a few pairs of pants on yesterday and….well….they are a bit snug! I’m getting back on track!  So for me, what does that really mean????

1.  Lemon water –  I’m starting each morning with a glass of lemon water.  You can see here why it is so good for you, but better skin and helping with weight loss are all I needed to hear!


lemon water

Photo courtesy of MindBodyGreen


2.  Clean eating – Ok it’s time to cut out the white stuff!!  Laurel and I ran into each other at the grocery store yesterday and we were laughing about all the “green” stuff in our carts….lots of veggies!!!  My stomach is actually much happier with me when I keep it simple and stick to meat and vegetables!  Here is the eating plan I was on last year that really worked for me and I’m bringing it back!


veg plated

I absolutely LOVE roasted veg. Could the colors on this platter be more any more appealing??


3.  Workout – I enjoy working out with a group of ladies and I’m planning on doing circuit training with the group twice a week.  Coffee with the ladies after is the perfect reward after exercising!  I hope to add another day or two of glute workouts at home.  I have to do something I enjoy (ok, I might hate it just a wee bit) or I won’t do it…I am NOT a hardcore workout person!  My weight is largely controlled by what I put in my mouth, but I do feel better physically and emotionally when I exercise.

4.  Plan ahead – I am going into a cah-razy busy time of year with the kids in hockey and dance and I know that there will be many, many meals that we not be home for.  So, you pretty much can’t eat clean at drive throughs, so I will be packing a lot of my meals….salads with chicken and left overs that I can heat up if there’s a micro available.  I have a plug-in cooler for the back of my SUV, so I can keep food cold for longer periods of time.  At the beginning of  busy weeks, I’ll prep and chop veggies, cook up and cube chicken, and hard boil eggs so I can quickly pack up meals on the go.  If I leave meals to chance and wait until I’m WAY too hungry, I know what happens.  Oh, and I’ll stash a few protein bars in my car just in case.  Planning ahead for me is key.

5.  Cut down on the coffee – this is NOT going to be easy!!  I LOVE my coffee!!!  But lately, I’ve been drinking way TOO much!  An Americano in the morning will still be my go-to, but I’ll going to limit or eliminate (?) coffee throughout the rest of the day.  I need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and start drinking more non-caffeinated tea.  This detox water sounds like it would be very refreshing!


detox water

Detox water. The jar is adorable too! Image courtesy of Prevention.com


I have my work cut out for me, but I’m actually feeling excited about just  living healthier and feeling better.  Are you trying to get back on track?  What are your tips?