Sweet Start~ Simplify

Originally, my plan was to post some pics of what Christmas looks like around our house…but then i felt i maybe wasn’t keeping it completely real with you. Of course, i’d only show you the the decked out areas and then you might make an assumption that it’s all rainbows and unicorns around here..or in this case, glitter and reindeer.

christmas 2013 collage

I love Christmas, and i especially love being surrounded by glowing lights, colourful orbs and cozy and sparkling decor. That is true. And when i started working on this post, i was leading up to my favourite holiday adornment: the flocked Christmas tree. It’s a tradition…we had one every year growing up and have continued to get one every year since Scott and i have been married. It’s the “fancy” tree…the one that only mommy decorates with the delicate ornaments. I love walking past it and getting the smell of a real Christmas tree. Yep, that’s what i do. I walk past it on the way to my bedroom and catch a glimpse for a good 3 seconds. It sits in the formal foyer/living room area..the part of the house that often sits quiet. Cue the theme song for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly…i even cleared the space for the tree…


That flocked tree and all of its decorations has been on my mind. But this year, oddly it felt more like a chore hanging over me. So i did it. I made the decision to just let it go. Not in a Scrooge like way. But it was my way of giving myself permission to “take a load off”. Thinking that the kids would voice huge objection, i was rather surprised with their nonchalant shrugs and “we spend all our time in the family room anyways” comments. Ironically, i’m ok with it too. The flocked tree will probably find its way back into our house next year. The tradition hasn’t died…it’s just taken a wee vacation.

I know..it’s just a tree, but the lightbulb moment was realizing that it’s ok to say goodbye to some of the  “have-to’s” of the season if they are creating more stress than benefit. Time spent with family and friends, yummy eats, cozy nights and most importantly reflecting on the birth of Jesus is where i’m resting myself. This was my little way of saying i hope i’m getting even a tad bit smarter as i get older!

i hope this week, you can make purposeful decisions to enjoy and savour the moments of Christmas..simplify. Whatever that looks to you, that’s my wish for you xo