Christmas Pajamas



I can’t believe it’s already December 4th. I told myself that I’m not going to panic this year and that everything didn’t need to be done by December 1st. Ok, Pam, BREATHE!!!!! It’s all good…at least that’s what I’m going with!


advent calendar


I was working on a personalized advent calendar for the kids (see here) and I did get it done by December 1st….ok, without Jason’s help I probably wouldn’t have got it done. He says all he wants for Christmas is no more DIY’s!! Ya, I have lots of ideas but my inability to craft, of lack of patience, usually means I start stuff and he finishes it!


advent day 1


I think I was almost more excited for December 1st than the kids were. I knew what the note said in that box!!!

advent berks and mac

“Start December off with band new PJ’s”. That’s right…I wrote “band” not “brand”….the kids thought band was maybe a type of pajamas! Ok, that was an SPS fail, but I got over myself fairly quickly when the kids hooted and hollered at their new onesies. I don’t get the onesie thing at all!!! These feet need to breathe at night. But they loved them and wore them the rest of the day!!!  In fact, Mac came straight home from hockey yesterday afternoon, showered and spent the rest of the day in his onesie! The kids have traditionally got new PJ’s on Christmas Eve, but a friend of mine mentioned that she gives them to her kids on December 1st, so they can enjoy them the whole month! Brilliant…spreading out the cheer!


Onesie Mac


There really is nothing like a new pair of p-jammers!! I didn’t think Jason and I should be left out, so I bought us matching ones too….awwwww!!!! Jason had technically earned his I would say!
Laurel also gave her kids pajamas on December 1st. No, we hadn’t talked to each other first, but we tend to do the same things. Must be sister ESP! She gave her kids a December 1st gift with PJ’s, a Christmas movie, a bag of micro popcorn and a game… that idea too!


Hey, it’s not too late…why not surprise someone in your world with a new pair of PJ’s? There are tons of cute sets from JoeFresh and Old Navy so you don’t need to spend a ton, but I can guarantee you will make their day and probably even their month! Pajamas just seem to say “comfort”, “chill”, “cosy”, “safe”….ok, they are a pretty perfect gift!