Simple Truths

Yesterday morning i had a “be still” moment. Our days as of late have been full and sometimes i seriously look at what we as a family are all doing and my head does a little spin! All three of the kids love being on the go, engaged in their various sports and activities.  Scott and i have comittments ourselves as well so sometimes we feel like we are along for the ride watching the kids play, learn, work through disappointment, forge friendships..and fulfilling our own “to-do” lists.

So while i don’t begrudge it for a moment, i find that sometimes i can get a little preoccupied and overwhelmed with the logistics of life and lose track of what fuels me.

Yesterday morning i had a list as long as my arm to accomplish but i just kinda stopped. i took some time to go back and remind myself what drives or should be driving me…and paused to  reflect on some of my favorite expressions…my manifesto of sorts!

Sometimes words are just that…words. And other times, words strung together can bring a beautiful truth to light and literally become words to live by.

Here are a couple of truths that help me get my focus back when i get off track (that’s more often than i care to admit!).





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And that laugh isn’t one of those nervous, uncomfortable laughs! it’s one of trust and assurance. Many days, these words remind that beyond the beautiful things i love to share with you on this blog, that confidence in who i am is based on a gift offered to me, rather than anything you see me wearing on the outside. it’s a promise that quells an anxious heart and reminds me that i’m not in this alone.



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This one’s a toughie…because outside of my comfort zone is a scary place and i’ve not yet come so far as to say i’m embracing it. But i do believe it’s true. I just recently confronted a situation where i told some people that i just felt so out of my comfort zone that i was begging for a life jacket to be thrown my way! in the end, there was a sense of accomplishment at pushing through it, but i’m still just relieved as all get out that it’s over!!!! i want to work at this…i tell my kids to forge past what’s comfortable and safe to them, encouraging them to take risks. You know the saying, Practice what you Preach?? Yep, it’s gotta start with yours truly.quotes3

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Well, this is kinda my mantra… a number of years ago a dear friend bought me the book You Gotta Keep Dancin by Tim Hansel. Life changing. I think more pages are folded over and highlighted than not! The most profound lesson that really hit home was that joy is a choice. I can have so many reasons why i couldn’t possibly feel joy on a given day. Until i read that it was fully up to me. Am i willing to make that choice? Because, quite frankly, sometimes it’s just way easier to get all comfy in my “negative nancy” frame of mind. Choose joy!!! Work on it with me, ok?


What are some words of great meaning to you? i’d love to hear…