Sweet Start ~ Gratitude on Thanksgiving

Still trying to recover from completely gluttonous behavior this weekend. Canadian Thanksgiving meant a weekend of feasting …and oh, the stuffing, the turkey, the pumpkin bread pudding, the cupcakes, the brussels sprouts… Well, i ate as though it might just be my last chance at a turkey dinner! And as tradition would have it, we did the round the table “What are you thankful for?” to both the delight of some and the chagrin of others.  With one caveat….family and friends are the obvious (and rightly so!) answers to what we’re grateful for the most, so the challenge was to add something beyond.


This year “Grammy” had Pam and my girls on decor duty…they did a fabulous job of bringing warmth and a spirit of thankfulness to the evening…serious Sugar Plum girlies of the future:)


There was lots to be thankful for. The medical system. The chance to follow your passion and do what you love. Recovery from a traumatic medical event. Relationship with God. The freedom we have in this place we call home. The opportunity to be a mom working in the home.  The small things in life: bacon + hockey. Well, and the rule had to bent to include being super grateful for the little babe that arrived 3 weeks early in good health (my nephew is a serious nugget of adorable!).

I know…its so cliche to talk about what we’re grateful for on Thanksgiving but i love it. And i wish we did it more.

The warmth of the sun, the peaceful moments, the colour, the togetherness. I am thankful.









Somehow i think Lincoln captured what i was feeling today. Taking a moment and just being. Not worrying, not planning, not rushing… Sometimes a kid just gets it.


In everything give thanks. It’s something i hoping i will bring with me into this week. What are you thankful for?